We shouted “ALOO” on Friday

ALOO 2016 held on the 15th of January. The day was dedicated to exploring and unearthing the opportunities that exist in Africa today. This year’s theme was Education: Rethink and Rebuild. The community greeted the day with an enthusiasm that matched the breathtaking preparations that went into the event. The quad was home to a sculpture of Africa which was made of intertwined bicycle wheels as well as colorfully drawn blackboards. If the quad was well decorated, then the auditorium was even more exquisite with a “library of the African continent” in the literal sense of the description. A team of creative Year Two students:  Adaieze, Edivane, Arlene and Nirina were behind the art with the help of Mr Tait.

The campus also hosted YFM, South Africa’s largest youth radio station. The YFM crew interviewed a few ALA students and staff before they were sent off with some of ALA’s house war cry chants of Zambezi and Volta. For a duration of two hours, the whole community was engaged in critical roundtable discussions around the quad. These groups were grouped based on specific section in relation to education on the African continent, ranging from Economics to Urbanization.

The day was signed off with African Dance club doing what they do best – keeping the audience at the edge of their seats.

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