Congo conquer at House Dodgeball

15th of January 2016 served as Africa Land of Opportunities Day (ALOO). Some will argue ALOO was the main event, others beg to differ and argue Interhouse Dodgeball which was a means of effectively ending the week was the most important event of the day.

The event which was initially scheduled for the 8th of January was postponed due to unsuitable weather conditions and it looked like it would be postponed again as weather forecasts on the 15th claimed there was a 70% chance of rain.

The rains were held by the forces above and the event employed an unfamiliar round robin format that ensured each house played 5 games, one against each of the other houses.

At the end of proceedings on the day, Nile House found themselves in a position they have managed to stay away from this year, 6th. Niger also slumped following their joint cross-country win with Congo in November. They ended Dodgeball in 5th position, Zambezi came in in 4th position while Tana battled their way to 3rd position. Volta threw their way into second position while Congo house consolidated their position at the top of the overall standings by winning at Dodgeball.

At the moment, Congo sits top with 19 points with Zambezi in second position with 15.5 while Volta sits narrowly behind in third with 15 points.

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