Titans claim back to back Battles of the Axe.

On Saturday 23rd January, the second battle of the axe was held. Prior to the event, some RAs had come together and it looked like the event was not going to hold, however, as a result of their inability to come to a unanimous decision, the battle held.

The first event was the Chariot race, where each hall had to push a car with their Hall Parent around the ALA Campus. This event saw the Titans come in 1st position by 5 seconds.

The second event, Bawling required each hall to bowl over 9 pins. The Officers bowled their way into first in this while Classified, Jeshi and Titans split the points for second as each hall ended with one pin still to bowl.

In the third event, Classified lived up to their ” IQ being 10 points above the rest of the world.” Each hall was given an equal number of bottles and required to erect the tallest free standing structure possible.

In the fourth and final event, halls competed in a relay where six participants were brought forth and they all had to carry six balls on their person. In this event, Titans once again claimed the No 1 position and as such sealed victory on the night.

At the end of the day, Titans ended with 11.5 points while Classified came in second position with 10 points. The Big Booty Empire otherwise known as The Officers we deyed in 3rd position with 9 points while the warriors from Jeshi slumped to a consecutive 4th place with 8.5points.

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