Team ALA Basketball crash out of AISJ Tournament.

On the 28th of January, Team ALA’s male team went over to AISJ for the AISJ Basketball Cup. In the opening group game, ALA faced St Paul’s.

The game initially started off and then was temporarily called off due to unsuitable weather conditions. When the weather did behave appropriately, Team ALA returned to the court. At half time, ALA led 6-5 with First year Burundian, Regis Isirahenda coming up big and putting up all the points. The second half however, saw ALA play with the kind of intensity the likes of Jesse Johnson, Toby Nxumalo and Tino Chijaka brought to the court last year and it soon paid off. Team ALA forced turnovers and converted on the fast break while maintaining a high shooting percentage. As such, Team ALA triumphed 23-9.

In the first game on the 29th and the second of the tournament, ALA took on International School South Africa and came out victorious winning 34-14. Following the second game of the group stages, both ALA and American International School Cape Town, had won two games setting up the group for an exciting finale. In the closing game of the group stage, Team ALA fell through and lost to AISCT by 8 points with the game ending 24-16.

As such, Team ALA was seeded 7th following the group stages and took on 10th seeded Maru-a-pula from Botswana. In the first playoff game, Team ALA found no way through as they were pressed high on the court and turned the ball over unnecessarily. Maru-a-pula trumped ALA in a fixture nobody related to ALA shall like to remember.

ALA 12-42 Maru-a-pula

All in all, it was a decent showing from ALA at the tournament and it shall be great to see how the team continues to grow and improve as the season goes on.

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