Titans fall to Staffulty at soccer challenge.

Members of Staffulty have introduced a new series of Staffulty Challenges where every Thursday a member of staff and a team take on a division from the student population.

To launch the challenges, Senor Diego Ontaneda from Peru challenged Battle of the Axe winners, Titans Hall, to a 5-aside soccer game.

Titans put up a good battle however, they were not enough for the Staffulty.

In the first half, Staffulty got to keep with contracted goalkeeper, OG and the difference was clear when at half time the game stood at 3-1 with goals from Physics Faculty, Wandile Mabanga, Diego Ontaneda and Delali Ocloo. In the second half, the Titans got the services of OG and soon equalised via goals from OG and Joseph M’Po Yeti. They further went ahead with goals from Kamel Kamour and Tomi Idowu while Wandile Mabanga put in his second on the day to reduce the deficit. With under 5 minutes to go the scores stood at 5-4 to the Titans who were fooled as they assumed they had a victory in the bag. Staffulty stood the test of time and saw goals from Delali Ocloo and a last minute winner by Wandile Mabanga crown them victors.

The game concluded 6-5.

The Staffulty challenges are a smart initiative by staff members who have failed to defeat students at any sporting activities this year and this ensures they are stronger as they face fractions of the student population and not the totality. Who shall take down Staffulty first?

This week, Staffulty shall take on Jeshi hall.

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