Once again: Do Something Cool a.k.a DSC

For the past two years, both students and staff take two days off their work to engage in a fusion of creativity, inspiration, guts and skill. These two days are commonly known as Do Something Cool, which is an initiative created by the Center of Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) Department. When you take ALA people and ask them to dedicate their right side of the brain for two days, something epic is bound to happen.

This year, DSC was separated into three distinct parts; individual project, creative group work and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

I interviewed Mario, A Year 1 student from Cape Verde, to see how he found DSC. “I liked the fact the flexibility of DSC, to do whatever you want, wherever you want,” Mario responded to my first question. “The best part of day two where the breath-taking performances that kept us on the edge of the seats all the time, ready to stand and applause once a performance is over,” Mario continued. indeed, the auditorium was lit like a blaze ranging from Belkiss’ video, to Estella and Amadou’s dance, just to mention a few.

Right now everyone awaits the announcement of the winners of each of the three categories. So to sign off I will proudly say, “The Academy Did Something Cool”.

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