Reabetswe Molapo: Pioneering the development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Limpopo-Polokwane-born, Reabetswe Molapo is a youngster who believes in the principle of paying it forward and has plans of making a visible difference in the South African youth.

As a young girl she was still unsure which career she wanted to follow. She is a young woman that does not believe really knew exactly what she wanted to be, but she knew that she wanted to be someone great – and that she wanted to help others.

In January 2016, Reabetswe visited the ALA Academy to give a brief presentation during the Distinguished Guest Speaker Series. In her talk she gave us a really deep insight into her story and shared some of what she considers as major keys to success:

  • Everyone is a business entity, we are meant to run at a profit not a loss. We are all created in the same manner as a business; we should thrive to develop ourselves and contribute to the development of others.
  • We usually only listen to other people about who we are and we forget to take the time to discover ourselves. Do not make that mistake.
  • Be stubborn, stubborn for your dreams.
  • It is important for you not to look down on yourself because of your age as it is simply a number. We need young people to transform the world.
  • We are all born a seed, but were not born to be a tree, but a forest. Grow, develop, share your ideas with the world and create impact on your surroundings.
  • We should be grooming a group of young people on a quest to radically change the world.
  • Do not just take risks, take calculated risks.

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