Thulani Madondo: Setting the less privileged up for success

In this week of the Distinguished Guest Speaker series, the African Leadership Academy welcomed Mr. Thulani Madondo, a young South-African born and bred man in the local community of Kliptown. His story is powerful, invigorating and inspirational as he grew up amidst struggles, not being able to achieve tertiary education, but rather than using that as a weakness, he saw it as an opportunity to be an agent of positive change in his environment, and the Kliptown Youth Project came to life. Since then, he has gvien a  number of motivational talks, worked with other social businesses and has been internationally honoured, specifically as one of the CNN Heroes in 2012. Mr.Madondo, on Wednesday the 10th of February shared his story and his lessons learnt with the members of his Academy and to say the Academy was inspired would be an understatement.

Here are some of the lessons we took away from his talk:

Man made poverty can be stopped by man. If we have the power to create something, we also have the power to destroy it and we can work together towards creating a poverty-free world.

The problem with Africa is not resources, we have enough resources, the issue is human greed. Human greed is what is eating up all our advantages. Human greed is inevitable but if we can work on how to discipline ourselves, perhaps things would be fairer.

We Africans need to work extremely hard now so in the next decade or so we would be asking other countries how we can help them. Let our vision of the future inspire our present.

Not all of us are going to be academics, some of us are called to simply be economically active citizens. Let us not use our current situations as excuses, we can still be agents of positive change. Our background shapes who we are but not who we become

Servant leadership is extremely important. As a leader you dont always have to be in front because you’ll miss whats happening behind you.

Most importantly, when you climb the wall of success, dont remove the ladder behind you.

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