It’s Nile House who’s got the biggest brains.

The House Event for March held on March 11th 2016 and the quest was to find out which house possesses the biggest brains.

The Battle of the Brains spread across History, General Knowledge, Geography and Pop Culture. All African you know cos that’s what we’re all about.

In the first event, 30 seconds, Houses had to amass 10 points in as fast as possible. In this category, Zambezi and Volta prove to be the Fastest Thinkers as they both hit the 10 point mark in the same round.

The second event, a map quiz required all houses to put together the African map in as fast as possible. All six houses went at the same time and it was Volta house who came in 1st position putting the African map together in two minutes twenty-one seconds and sixty seven microseconds. Nile House followed by just over a second with a time of two minutes twenty-two seconds and ninety three microseconds. Tana came in at third position, finishing 18 seconds after Nile. Congo, Zambezi and Niger all failed to beat the 3 minute mark and ended in 6th, 5th and 4th respectively.

In the third event, African Pop Culture. Questions asked ranged from sports to entertainment, with the likes of Fally Ipupa, Angelique Kidjo and Yvone Chaka Chaka mentioned. The points for first position were shared by Nile and Congo while Tana claimed third and Zambezi, Volta and Niger shared the last position.

The fourth and final event saw all houses peek into African history. Congo and Tana came in at first position while Niger, Nile and Zambezi shared the points for 3rd and Volta was forced to accept the last position.

At the end of the day, it was concluded that, Nile House have the biggest brains at ALA. Tana and Volta came in second position and Congo fell behind them by 0.5 points and 4th position. The battle for the bottom was won by Niger House while Zambezi came fifth.

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