ALOO 2017 Africa Rising: Women

On the 14th of January, the annual Africa Land of Opportunities Day took place. The entire ALA community came out in traditional attire to celebrate the role of women in developing the continent.

The day got off to a vibrant start with a series of performances held in the auditorium. Nour Cherradi, Daniel Chege and Asmae Bahassou kicked of ALOO with an instrumental performance riddled with elaborate finger-picking and harmonious chords. Cloud  9’s rendition of Superwoman by Alicia Keys left the room thundering with applause. The event also featured a performance by African Dance, and a theatrical performance by Marubini and Lutho.

After the event, students, guests, and staffulty  proceeded to their workshops for engaging conversations about topics ranging from Gender Violence to ‘The Female Profiles in Continentally-Consumed Contemporary Nigerian Music’.

The last feature of ALOO was a community arts project where members of the ALA community left their hand-prints on a banner to commemorate the day.

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