Humans of ALA: Dan Deng Chol

I was born into a polygamous family.
It is a South Sudanese tradition for husbands to have two or more wives, so my dad had four wives. I had three other mothers and so many other siblings, so you know. Life was kinda sweet although there was no, you know, modern thing like education and stuff. Everything was just peaceful and stuff. But this changed in 2006, I think, when violence intensified and so our village became unsafe. So, we had to relocate our home from South Sudan to elsewhere. So, people migrated and stuff. That’s how I found myself in Kenya. My parents went their own way and I went my own way. So, I went with a group of people who later took me in. There was no one I could follow.

That is where my second phase of life started. At the camp (Kakuma Refugee Camp in Turkana County). A new life started altogether. I went to another school, and from there, I passed my KCPE and was admitted to Alliance High School; so, from there, I had so many other experiences … and that’s where another new life started. I can say that my life has been an experience of, a stage of so many experiences; from Kakuma to Eldoret to Nairobi where I went to Alliance, and then I came to the African Leadership Academy. So, basically, that’s how the cycle of my life has been.

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