Congo conquer at House Dodgeball

15th of January 2016 served as Africa Land of Opportunities Day (ALOO). Some will argue ALOO was the main event, others beg to differ and argue Interhouse Dodgeball which was a means of effectively ending the week was the most important event of the day.

The event which was initially scheduled for the 8th of January was postponed due to unsuitable weather conditions and it looked like it would be postponed again as weather forecasts on the 15th claimed there was a 70% chance of rain.

The rains were held by the forces above and the event employed an unfamiliar round robin format that ensured each house played 5 games, one against each of the other houses.

At the end of proceedings on the day, Nile House found themselves in a position they have managed to stay away from this year, 6th. Niger also slumped following their joint cross-country win with Congo in November. They ended Dodgeball in 5th position, Zambezi came in in 4th position while Tana battled their way to 3rd position. Volta threw their way into second position while Congo house consolidated their position at the top of the overall standings by winning at Dodgeball.

At the moment, Congo sits top with 19 points with Zambezi in second position with 15.5 while Volta sits narrowly behind in third with 15 points.

White is the color at Internal Football League.

For the past one week, there was no other buzzing activity on the ALA campus than the internal football league which was organised under the leadership of Mr Joseph. I actually feared that an important guest could drop in front of the Academy and receive no welcome because everyone would be down at the AstroTurf stadium.

The decisive playoffs launched on Monday, 07 December, 2015. In the opening match, Canvas City entered the battle arena with FC Konka, to walk away with a well-earned, sweaty 1-0 win from the long-range effort from Arafath, booking their spot in the finals for the male league. Up next, Midnight Alarm suffered a nail-biting 2-4 loss to Kiva Warriors, where the latter secured a final spot for the female cup. The rest was left to Lockdown Union who sealed the deal with a 4-0 thrashing over Laser Park Rangers. That scoring sheet was dominated with two successful efforts from Ntokozo Sibiya, one from Tomi and Oghoghosa respectively. With the male finals fixed between Canvas City and Lockdown Union, the spectators were kept on the edges of their seats for the female side in anticipation of the Sparwalkers vs FC 7:20 match.

Sparwalkers had no response to FC 7:20’s two goals from their dynamic striker, Suleikha. It was an intriguing match that attracted a lot of yells and screams from the fans. FC 7:20 progressed to a grande finale with Kiva Warriors.

Leading goal scorer in the female league, Flora, said yesterday that she stepped into the final match confident that her team, Kiva Warriors, would emerge winners and female champions. That was proven false by the scoreboard at the fifteen minute whistle after Phoebe Miller came up big for her team by bagging a hat-trick. This did not stop Flora however as added to her tally and confirmed her position as top goal scorer. Kiva Warriors 1-3 FC 720.

It was the male finals that kick started first with both teams, Canvas City and Lockdown Union, aware of what was at stake. Who was going to walk away the victor? The dribbles, passes and headers spoke for themselves. It was not easy for Lockdown Union to walk away with the title, they had to fight for the championship with tooth and nail. Lockdown came away with a 2-1 victory over Canvas City with goals coming from Diego Ontaneda, Tomi Idowu, who confirmed his position as top-goalscorer and Wandile Mabanga for Canvas City.

Without doubt, the AstroTurf will be relieved that it can now get a chance to nurse its own sore wounds from the lengthy internal league. As for the rest of us, we are already asking when will we have such a cracker of a league again.

ALA Football Cup Day 5 Recap.

Coming into the fifth and final round robin matchday, Canvas Union sat at the top with 10 points while Lockdown Union sat below them with 7 points which mathematically ensured that both teams had qualified from the group stages.

The first game saw Laser Park Rangers go against Printech Pirates in a must-win game for both teams. Laser Park Rangers got the job done as they emerged victorious following a goal apiece from Kamel Kamour and Daniel Gyampo.

The second game also a must win for both sides saw FC Konka defeat Roundcube United, two goals to nil. The goals coming from Delali Ocloo and goalkeeper turned striker, Timothy Chilemba.

The must-watch game was the decider for who shall top the league between first placed, Canvas City and Lockdown Union. Lockdown Union went on top early with a Tomi Idowu strike however, Regis Isirahenda with the last kick of the game scored the leveller.

The last game between Printech Pirates and Roundcube was by the time unimportant as both teams were already mathematically eliminated however, it produced the most goals the tournament had seen ending 5-4. Printech Pirates captain, Daminiyi Solebo opened his account in the tournament and jumped into third position on the highest goal scorer standing with 4 goals. Omar Jah also flew straight to the top of the assists standings as he gave the most decisive pass, three times. Roundcube United actually held the lead up until 4-4 with their goals coming from Overay Oduaran, Seyi Adelekan and Daryl Adopo however, Printech stole the game to ensure they didn’t end in last position.

The Playoffs shall kick off on Monday. Canvas City shall take on FC Konka while Lockdown Union shall go head to head with Laser Park Rangers.

ALA Football Cup Day 4 Recap

Thursday November 3rd marked the conclusion of the Female Division group stages games.

Kiva Warriors fought their way to victory against FC 720 after second year tenacious midfielder; Kayele Silue from Ivory Coast scored the lone goal.

In the second fixture between Midnight Alarm and Spar Walkers, the points were shared which ensured that Spar Walkers topped the female division on goal difference.

These standings mean that Spar Walkers shall take on FC 720 and this gives FC 720 the chance to get revenge after their 2-0 defeat against Spar Walkers in the opening game of the tournament. Midnight Alarm on the other hand shall square off against Kiva Warriors to give us a rematch of arguably the most entertaining game the Female Division saw over the last few days.

In the male fixtures on Day 4, Canvas City continued their undefeated run by beating Roundcube United and FC Konka, 1-0 and 3-0 respectively. Against Roundcube the lone goal came from Regis Isirahenda while the goals against FC Konka came from Wandile Mabanga, Arafath Ouro-Akpo and

Lockdown Union took on Printech Pirates and dished out a 3-0 lashing with goals coming from Tomi Idowu, Frederico Hama and Diego Ontaneda.

Laser Park Rangers battled it out against Roundcube United and the game ended in a 1-1 draw with goals coming from current highest goal scorer, Kamel Kamour and the technically adept, Seyi Adelekan.

ALA Football Cup Day 3.

Day 2 of the ALA Football Cup held on Wednesday.

Fixtures in the female division kicked off today while 4 male teams also took to the pitch.

In the female division, cup favourites, FC 720 lost the opening game to Spar Walkers following a match and possibly tournament ending occurence for star player, Phoebe Miller. Sparwalkers 2-0 FC 720.

Midnight Alarm stole the show against Kiva Warriors in the second game despite two goals from second year Burkinabé striker, Flora. Midnight Alarm 3-2 Kiva Warriors.

In the male division, Printech Rangers earned their first point in a 1-1 draw against FC Konka with goals from Khesa Borotho and Ironman Delali.

In the second male game, Lockdown Union redeemed themselves after their loss against FC Konka by beating Laser Park Rangers, 5-1, with Tomi Idowu bagging a hat-trick.

In the following female games, Kiva Warriors earned a point as they took on FC 720 while Spar Walkers also shared the spoils with Midnight Alarm as the game ended 1-1.

BUILD-in-a-Box Dinner Party in Pictures

Over the summer, about a hundred ALA current students and alumni hosted BUILD-in-a-Box Camps across the continent.

As part of ALA’s efforts to scale the impact of its programs across the continent, students commenced the BUILD-in-a-Box Camps, for high school students in local and disadvantaged areas across Africa this year.

To reward the students who facilitated the camps, the Center For Entrepreneurial Leadership held a BUILD-in-a-Box dinner.

Check out pictures from the event here.


West African Cultural Exchange: Breaking Stereotypes

The West African Cultural Exchange was an exciting night of food, dance, music, talent, dressing and movies. It took place on Saturday the 14th of November from 7-8:30pm. After about four weeks of time and effort on the part of the West Africans, the night was truly one to remember. The Cultural Exchange started off with a short video which featured West African students and staffulty on campus telling what they loved about their countries and about the region as a whole. The video made people burst in laughter with people like Daminiyi taking about one minute to perfectly say “I AM WEST AFRICAN”.

After the video, the atmosphere was set with a performance by African Dance, dancing to Wande Coal & Patoranking’s My Woman, My Everything and an Afrobeat remix of Psy’s Gentleman.

This kicked off the play which followed the story of a young boy, Alex (Ife) in a classroom which sleeps off after being given a task by his teacher to do a presentation on the culture of West Africa. His fairy godmother (Ore) then appears and takes him on a  journey around West Africa. The journey started with a dance performance which grabbed the attention of the audience because of invigorating beat of Toofan’s Orobo.

There was also a fashion show which displayed the different colourful attires worn all over West Africa, followed by a mini-food fair where puff-puff and chin-chin were served to the audience. IJ then showed the audience how talented West Africans truly are with her cover of Timi Dakolo’s Great Nation which resulted in a standing ovation.

A video was played afterwards of two trailers of Nigerian movies. The trailers were high quality with different themes from what people expected Nigerian movies. The cultural exchange ended on a high note with a dance performance to Franko’s Coller La Petit, with Mr. Joseph and Tomisin stealing the show with their advanced Etighi and Shoki dance steps!

The Cultural Exchange was enjoyed by all and members of the community came upstage to dance to various songs from around West Africa to end the night with a bang!

Athena Hall emerges supreme from 1st battle of the mask

This year’s first battle of the mask held on Saturday. The event was different in that this battle was a relay of events and so once one hall was done with an event they could move on to the next while the others still battled with the previous task. This change in style saw Athena steal the day. They came away from the first event where they had to make a pyramid and balance a bucket on the top first and that set the tome for the rest of the day. In the second event, halls were required to throw a certain number of balls into a bucket. The third event was in some sense stolen from EL, all halls had equal materials and were required to come up with the tallest structure.

The fourth event required all halls to complete Sudoku puzzles and tested the math power of the members of the various halls.

The fifth event was extremely funny. Halls had to present 5 runners who rotated around a broomstick 10 times and then ran a distance just under 30 metres. It was funny seeing many people fall first and then try and pick themselves up while some others were moving towards the admin block while they were to be moving towards the dining hall.

The sixth event saw halls eat a few snacks and wasn’t too eventful.

After each hall had run through the five events they had the rest of the time to practice for a dancing competition. Athena due to their speed in previous events came away with at least 30 minutes extra time to practice however, that did not result to much as it was Twawana who finished the relay last and had the shortest practice time who emerged as champions from the dancing competition.

In hindsight, it is obvious that the relay was flawed because once Athena took off, they were going to continually come first in all the events as they had started before all the other halls. The reasonable approach would then have been to make the dancing competition could carry more weight than all the other events.

All in all, Shoutout to all the female halls. The event ended with Athena in 1st position, Gaga in 2nd, Malaika in 3rd and Twawana in 4th.