A new government emerges. 

ALA is all about leadership, even the name says it, African LEADERSHIP Academy.

The Student Government is as serious as leadership gets. The masses at ALA practice what most of our countries fail to do and hold its candidates to their word.

On Friday 30th October, the Chair’s Debate held and all candidates gave their speeches and tried to convince the student community that they deserved each vote.

For the position of Chairlady, Arlene Alaíze from Cape Verde and Abii-Tah Chungong from Cameroon went against one another in the debate and Abii-Tah in all honesty sounded the more convincing candidate.

Vieing for the position of Chairman, we had, Vuyisa Coko from South Africa, Tito Darl-Uzu from Nigeria and Moustafa Lufty from Egypt.

Voting held on Sunday 1st November and a new government has emerged.

  • Chairman- Moustafa Lufty
  • Chairlady- Abii-Tah Chungong
  • Data Analyst- Jialing Yu
  • Academic Representative- Sizo Ncube
  • Secretary- Marubini Muswede
  • IT Representative- Princewill Okoroafor
  • Sports Representative- Tomi Idowu
  • Clubs & Societies Representative- Ore Onabanjo
  •  Entertainment Representative – Daminiyi Solebo
  • Treasurer- Ife Adefope
  • Volta House Captains- Hind Zahour & Kukhanya Magubane
  • Tana House Captains- Ndondwa Mijoya & Haissa Toure
  • Zambezi House Captains- Hope Iptisam & Joseph M’po Yeti
  • Niger House Captains- Amy Wanday & Tomisin Fasawe
  • Nile House Captains- Sefa February & Haitham Abdel Hakim
  • Congo House Captains- Estela Naula & Yassine Khalfalli

What’s an ALA Halloween?

There’s normal Halloween and then there’s Tamasha House of Entertainment’s Halloween.

Tamasha’s Halloween probably trumps the regular halloween.

This year for Halloween, Tamasha hosted a haunted house which then ended with the most lit party ever. The fact that Mrs. Kuyinu showed her face at the party is probably proof that it was more lit than the night show with Travis.

The Haunted House started at 6:45 and consisted of a graveyard, a performance by Vogue, a female dance group and to be very honest a couple of other things that can’t be explained because of how spooky they were.

Shout out to Tamasha for organising an exciting Halloween. It must really suck to be you because you missed the sensational event that was Halloween at ALA.

Check out pictures from the event on our Facebook page.

Dr. Wilhelm Verwoerd – A champion of Cross-cutting Compassion

Cover Picture credits: ALA Foto.

It will be hypocritical of me to fail to acknowledge the emotional weight that swept through the auditorium throughout the session of our first Distinguished Guest Speaker, Dr. Wilhelm Verwoerd. He flew all the way from Cape Town to share the very delicate story of reconciliation, painting some pictures of his own experience as the grandson of presumably the “architect of apartheid”. When confronted with the reality of what was going on in South Africa at that time, Dr. Verwoerd took the harder route of changing that discourse to create a new South Africa and in the process he worked closely with icons such as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Today, Alaians Media is introducing an exciting addition to the menu; Reflections on Distinguished Guest Speaker, a series which echoes the lessons that distinguished guest speakers leave behind for the Academy. These, starting of with Dr. Wilhelm Verwoerd, will be resource for students and staff in the ALA network to reflect on as we all walk on the uncertain path of leadership.

Lessons from Dr. Wilhelm Verwoerd

  • A true education is one which exposes the realities of what is happening around us. It gives us the opportunity to unlearn dangerous perceptions we held about things and it enables us to learn how to move forward from these lies.
  • Dialogue and storytelling, when done well, have the power to build bridges across differences and to catalyse reconciliation.
  • The best approach to create an equal society in our countries is not always through the political arena. Sometimes it the bottom-up efforts whose grassroots emerge in the communities, from individual innovative efforts that drive change.
  • Healing takes time, it is dangerous to pretend that it is a once-off process. It is vital that we pay attention to the urgent wave of frustration and thirst that young people have for historical events that still continue to shape their lives and their opportunities.
  • We cannot choose how we are born and the situations which will come with who we are, and it is important to accept that we cannot change the past. However, we can choose to do something about it.

Do you feel moved? Watch out next week as we share the second episode of Reflections on Distinguished Guest Speaker, Jon Burdick.

1st ever ALA Basketball League launches.

The rains prevented the ALA Basketball League from starting on its intended date of Wednesday 21st October 2015.

The rains led to two of the world’s biggest basketball tournaments beginning on the same day. The ALA Basketball League begun today while the NBA Regular Season also begins today.

In the ALA Basketball League Female Division, The Ball Droppers came out tops and as such shall get the first seed for the Playoffs and go against fourth seeded, The Kofos. Second placed, Back on D shall go against The Palm Wine Tappers.

In the Male Division, a three way tie has emerged between The Cereal Killers, Mean Machines and the Flying Dutchmen. The tie was broken using points differential and as such the Cereal Killers came out first and shall go against last seeded Cosmic Ballers. Second placed, Mean Machines shall be looking to get their revenge on the Flying Dutchmen who defeated them despite the absence of a member of their big three, Segun Olagunju known to some as Mr. O.

Monday 2nd November 2015, we shall discover who the champions of ALA really are. Vote for who you think will win here.

ALA Basketball Cup Results

ALA’s 1st ever Basketball League set to begin.

The talk of the moment on campus is the ALA Basketball League.

The League organised by the Sports Department begins tomorrow and is the first basketball league to be hosted on the ALA campus.

The League shall hold for two weeks. On the first match day, the round robin will begin and see the 4 male teams and 4 female teams take on one another while the second match day will draw a conclusion to the round robin and conclude with the playoffs.

The girls tournament shall be a 3 on 3 tournament while the male tournament shall be 5 on 5.

The ALA Basketball Cup copies the Residential system by ensuring that there are brother and sister teams. For instance, Back on D and The Mean Machines are affiliated, The Ball Droppers and Cosmic Ballers, The Kofos and The Cereal Killers and lastly, The Palm Wine Tappers and Flying Dutchmen.

ALAians Media is proud to present the posters for each team.

Raissa’s Relay Races

Raissa Kanku is a second year from Democratic Republic of Congo and one of the student coordinators for the house programme this year. The Second House event of the Year, is named after Raissa.

Raissa’s Relay Races were a compilation of childhood games which adequately challenged all houses and helped everyone to reminisce their youthful days.

Houses competed in four events, the first being “Rush Hour.” In this game, each house had to have two students, a boy and girl dress up in their complete uniform and this event ended in a three way tie between Zambezi, Volta and Nile.

The second event, an egg and spoon relay race ended with Congo carting away maximum points while the sack race which was the third event saw Volta take home maximum points.

In the closing event and decider, Niger House stole the points while Nile House came second and stole the day as a whole.

This event marked a first seeing as Nile House came first for the first time in over a year and it shall be interesting to see how they continue throughout the year.

Team ALA at AISJ U-19 Volleyball.

On October 2nd and 3rd, Team ALA’s volleyball teams were at the American International School of Johannesburg’s annual U-19 volleyball tournament. In the first sports outing of the year, the teams represented ALA satisfactorily as they were eliminated in the Quarter Finals.

Team ALA’s volleyball team shall be at Heronbridge on Wednesday the 14th for their second fixture of the year.

You can check out all the pictures from the tournament here.

Wellness Day 2015

A week later and there are still sore muscles on campus…that can only be Wellness Day. Well, the only way to escape this stiffness after-effect is if you actually turn up for sport practise. Let’s take a closer look into how Wellness Day captivated and enlighted this year.

What a way to kickstart October with no classes, owing to Wellness Day that took place on the 1st October 2015 . The day was warmed with fitness activities in the Quad and wrapped up with sports games between students and staffulty. Female staffulty went up against female students at basketball and came away with a 7-4 win following a game-winning three-pointer by Phoebe Miller, our new ALANBA star. The female staffulty were coached by alum and former Basketball captain, Tinotenda Chijaka.

Male students defeated the Fighting Peacocks by five goals to one with goals coming from Elias Yilgarem, Daminiyi Solebo, Dikenna Ogbo and Daryl Adopo while the lone staffulty goal came from former goalkeeper turned striker, Joseph Ekpenyong.

Find more pictures here.