Tamasha’s Halloween Party

There have been a lot of parties in the history of the African Leadership Academy. However, one could argue that Tamasha’s Halloween party was one of the best parties ever.

November the 2nd was not the official day of Halloween but it was for the ALA community. It was a chance for people to get creative. We had a Pocahonta, a Greek goddess, a burnt face man and a classic mummy. The costumes were great but certainly not the highlight. The highlight was in fact Tamasha’s Amazing Mad House Tour. I’ll take you through the tour in writing and I’ll hope you don’t get too afraid.

It starts outside the main classroom blocs with cues of excited future leaders dressed as all ghastly and beautiful creatures you can imagine. They are welcomed by a tamasha member and greeted by a half burned hunchbacked tour guide. The first room is a picture room. There are giant spiderwebs, bats, and black cloth in the room. The guests are shot by a mummy photographer and then suddenly the lights flicker then go off. In the room there is crazy laughter. Without notice a man who has unzipped his face jumps out and terrifies the guests. The tour guide leads them to the next room but the hallway is another ordeal on its own.

There is a man with a ripped eye, a vampire sucking on her victim, and a witch praying with candles around her. In the hallway they all have their time to go about their scare tactics that leave the guests terrified, some even wanting to leave.

The next room is a screening room showing horror scenes. The movie however was not as scary as the characters in the room. There was a man in a straight jacket and a vampire. As the horror reaches it’s climax a man in a straight jacket leaps out of his chair and a vampire lunges to attack the guests. This extracted a few screams from the guests.

The last room was something hard to describe. It was a story of 7 sisters who were expelled and committed suicide because they were ashamed to tell their parents. The voice explained they wanted revenge and then began to chant in Latin (I hope it wasn’t a real chant). The girls then began to dance with heavy strobe lights. The effect made the ladies of Vogue, a new dance club on campus, resemble actual ghosts. The crowd was blown away and then finally stepped into the party.

This went on for about an hour until it was time to get the party started but there was another surprise. Fecc came out to perform a creepy dance routine and then the party went on full blast. There were overflowing drinks, teeth cupcakes, and candy for the whole of Africa. Tamasha scared us in the best possible way.

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