Radio Skika

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Radio Skika
Our voice empowers Africa to rise



The development of African critical thinkers that are well equipped to enable Africa to compete on an international platform.



To influence and shape the mind sets of potential African Leaders using radio, through discussions about controversial African related affairs.


Link: (Live Stream)



Radio Skika is a student-run enterprise founded by Natalia Sikombe, Iminza Mbwaya, Nandi Mgwaba, Magnifique Nsengimana and later, Ghassane Adnani; who shared a vision to improve communication, promote critical thinking, and entertain the students and staffulty of the African Leadership Academy. The team worked on the idea of Radio Skika, before it was even required of students to do so, proof of their passion and dedication to their vision. The team chose radio as the medium of expression as radio was viewed as versatile and dynamic. Radio Skika will give the ALA community a platform to openly express their views on controversial topics in order to spur innovation, further develop their mental capacity and develop the next generation of critical thinkers tailored to meet Africa’s needs. Thus using Magnifique’s advanced technical skills, Maureen’s financial creativity, Natalia’s experience in the field of Media and Radio, Ghassane’s marketing mind-set and Nandi’s innovative approach to content development, Radio Skika became a certified student enterprise.

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