Radio Skika’s Talent

Name: Otitodirichukwu Darl-Uzu


Country: Nigeria

Year: One

Fun-fact: I have a long name

Favorite music(2014):Ed sheeran, J-cole.

Bio: An over relax Nigerian boy, who has the ability to procrastinate under any circumstance and find the funny in everything p.s. I can laugh without smiling. He also likes to work hard and is to strong headed to be convinced otherwise when he makes up his mind.



Name: Gigi Ngcobo GIGI.jpg

Country: South Africa

Year: One

Fun-fact: I’ve spoken for 5 hours straight 😆😀(just joking)

Favourite music(2014):Iggy Azalea, London Grammar, Sam Smith, Micasa etc….

Life Quote:Never-say-die

Bio: A fun charismatic 18 year old girl. Who continously tries to learn through laughter. Her passion for media and communication has led her to explore the field of radio. She hopes to always leave you thought provoked and smiling. For one learns best when laughing☺


Name: Joe Kariuki


Year: One

Fun-Fact: I love being outdoors

Favorite music (2014): Above & Beyond (EDM), Logic (Hip Hop), Coldplay

(Rock) e.t.c.

Life Quote: “Screw it, Let’s do it!”

Bio: An outgoing and adventurous 17 year old man. who enjoys public speaking and interacting with people. After several suggestions to explore radio presenting, he guest hosted on a Radio show called ‘Hot96’ in Nairobi-Kenya, which was live across the country and  went viral on social media. His love for music has led him hosting ‘music on the block’ on Radio Skika. He hopes to create magical experiences for his listeners and spread the message of P.L.U.R (Peace. Love. Unity.




Name: Francis Chitawo


Age: 18

County: Malaw

Fun fact: I like reading on philosophy in my spare time

Bio: Francis is from Malawi, otherwise known as the warm heart of Africa. He enjoys reading on philosophical concepts and he writing as well. He is currently the founder of a rising Malawi shirt business called “Mfana Clothing Company”. He as well likes have intellectual conversations



Name: Hayfa AchourHAYFA

Country: Tunisia

Year: Two

Fun-fact: I am from an Island.

Favorite music(2014): Bahamas – Lost in the Night Life Quote: “Surrender and trust. It’s simple”

Bio: A revolutionary artistic being who’s passion lies between the beauty of life and the philosophy of existence.



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