Help, I’m Not Getting Enough Sleep!

This week, my roommate complained to me about not sleeping as much as he used to in the first term. He gets very tired often and by the end of the school day, he simply jumps into bed. You would advise me not to blame him because the ALA workload is high, blah blah blah. But, the truth is, though the workload is high, we need to learn how to preserve our energy to get enough sleep, to maintain our energy levels and work well. I have three tips for you.

  1. Have a schedule

Despite all the lessons we have had on time and energy management, a lot of people -like my roommate and I- still take chances with their schedules by not planning ahead and properly. This affects us badly because we end up having to catch up with assignments and projects in the last minute which in turn leads to shorter nights for us. My advice is for you to plan your time out better than you used to do in the past by pre-scheduling as many things as possible.

  1. Sleep for a specific number of hours continuously

In my time at ALA, I have discovered that though time is scarce when compared with our workloads, it is still possible to have a regular sleeping pattern. Depending on the hours your body requires daily, you can allocate specific hours in your day for sleeping. Say, if you only need 5 hours of sleep, you can choose to sleep between 12 am and 5 am, every day. Consistency with your sleeping time will help you and your body build habits that keep you well rested.

Happy Snoozing!

Getting Out of a Bad Mood

Hey guys! What’s up? How has the first month back at school been going? For some of us, the Christmas and New Year cheer is wearing off, and we might be starting to feel very annoyed and angry at everything. These bad moods can make it almost impossible to function at times. And they just generally feel bad. Sometimes we all need help getting out of a (not uptown) funk. Here are a few tips on how to bring the sunshine back in your life.

  1. Work on a hobby/skill: The buzz you can get from doing something you enjoy can really boost your mood, especially if you don’t usually make time for it. Added bonus if you get to challenge yourself and see improvements.
  1. Get enough sleep: Yes, we know this is hammered into your brain everywhere you go, but nothing has the power to turn a Monday into a Mournday like having to battle your own eyelids in class. So, find how much sleep keeps you going and make sure to get that much.
  1. Listen to uplifting music: When you’re sad, just wa’ your hands up in the air” or something.
  1. Treat Yourself: Have you been dreaming about Chinese food for a few weeks. Order some at some point. A change from the usual will do you wonders. Or, if food somehow doesn’t excite you, buy anything new that does excite you!
  1. Make a list of the good things: Whenever the world seems to be falling, stop and remember the things in your life that are still standing. It can really make the big deals seem less big.
  1. Help someone else: This last one is one we forget a lot, but doing things for others, and knowing we made a difference feels really good. Take your mind of your own problems by seeing someone through theirs. You’ll feel stronger and readier to handle yours!


We hope you’re all doing great, and are happy. But just in case, we hope this list can help!.

Ten Things to Do When ALA Gets to You

Here’s a flashback to an earlier post . With the stress piling up again a week after the break, this still applies 🙂

ALAians Media

  1. Take that long walk with a friend you haven’t seen in ages, or see every day, and you’re not at the “don’t look at me, I see your face too much” phase yet.
  2. You know that thing we call sport? The one you hide and run away from? Do it.
  3. Sit back and enjoy a cup of tea or (decaf) coffee. It’s a warm beverage it’s soothing and it won’t give you a ridiculous sugar high.

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Going the Distance

With just about 5 weeks left until graduation, we’re all beginning to think about what it will be like not seeing the faces we have gotten so used to anymore. It’s so potentially depressing. We’ve gotten to know and actually like people, and now life and its annoying full-of-change-ness wants to place us miles apart from each other. It sucks but it needs to be accepted. Yes, the 2nd years will graduate (not a bad thing. Do you want them to not graduate?) And the first years will still have one year at ALA. It can’t be stopped unless you have invented some time pausing remote. The more feasible thing to do is plan how you’re going to keep your relationships alive over longer distances. It’s not easy but nothing worth anything is, so here are some tips to help with keeping in touch.

1. Send updates. You don’t have to wait till something huge happens in your life to tell your friends about it. Don’t make them have to find out from your profile picture that you dyed your hair green. Quick little texts or emails are nice. Your friend will feel included in your life and will be more likely to keep you in the loop of their lives as well

2. Know what your friend’s days look like. If you and your friend know when you’re both free and awake (time differences, people. Acknowledge them!) then keeping in touch will be much easier. Knowing just how busy your friend is also helps you judge whether or not calling them at a certain time could lead to you talking to a very agitated, grumpy person or not. Agreeing to sit down and catch up at least once every month, week or even day (if you must) could also be helpful so when you miss your friend, you always have that time to look forward to.

3. Do not get mad. Don’t get emotional. If your friend doesn’t call you when they said they would, or cuts a conversation short, or replies you every 2 days, try not to take it personally. As amazing as you are,and as much as they love you, none of your friends are just sitting on shelves waiting for you to call. They have things they are doing. Avoid attacking them and telling them they’ve forgotten you. It will just upset them and make things weird. Instead, just be there for them when they can and do want to talk. Don’t spend the conversations you do have being angry at them for not being available 24/7.

4. Something that will really help with number 3 is this: live your own life. Wherever your friend is, you are somewhere too and don’t let that place pass you by. Enjoy being around the people who are nearby and doing things where you are. Be happy and don’t become dependent on a message to make your day good. Friendships that are meant to last will last. No matter what you do, the outcome is the same (#obscure literature class reference.)

Turn down for what?

With a month left until graduation, second years (and first years) can’t help but count down the days. Second years are all excited to finally be out of “highschool” and first years are excited because they are one step closer to their departure too. But of course, in true high school fashion, there are still classes and exams to get through before our long-awaited summer break (it’s actually winter but you get the gist)

The presence of CIEs and classes and the absence of snow-days have got everybody just a little down. But have no fear! ALAians media is here to help you get through this

If you’d like to survive until graduation, there are 3 things we suggest you do



This is important because now is the time where your work matters most. Yes, we understand how much you hate math and how studying for that economics paper might kill you, in fact, we even agree BUT rather suffer through the studying now and rejoice when you see those well-deserved A*s on your report card. (For first years, remember that you still have to get into college)


Whilst dreaming about graduation and counting down the seconds until your summer holiday starts, think about what graduation really means. For first years, it means you wont see your RA, PC and other second year friends for quite a while. For second years, you will soon become the firsties somewhere else, imagine that *shudders*.

So, while you’re counting down the days, remember to spend time with the people you love most and take a couple hundred memorable selfies while you’re at it.


CIEs, classes and SATs will soon be over, they are only temporary and that is why we encourage you to keep the turnup alive. We can all hold on just a little longer, do not let your bright shiny potato faces disappear just yet. With mall trips, quad parties, bonfires and graduation ball just around the corner – do you really think you can afford to turn down?


Now, we understand that we should have mentioned things like eating healthy and exercising but you all know that already and we get how hard it can be to exercise when it feels like we are living in Winterfell (game of thrones reference for those who don’t get that,  even though that would mean that you don’t watch the series and that’s just absurd). These are just a few tips or rather suggestions that we think can help you push through the next 30-something days. Above all else – stay happy, stay warm and keep the spirit of the turnup alive.

What tips do you have to get through the next couple weeks? Let ALAians Media know.

Love Or Understanding

Most people are looking for that one person whom they can love and who can love them – that one person who will be there for them, care for them and understand them. Being understood is often confused with being loved; the two aren’t the same.

Most people assume that those whom they love, they understand and that those who love them, understand them as well. The problem is that this is not always the case. Understanding and knowing someone is very tricky. People aren’t static beings – their personalities change over time.

Knowing someone takes a lot of work, just as does love. However, the more compatible individuals are, the more they will get to know and understand each other and the deeper they will fall for each other. The issue is that sometimes the more you get to know someone, the less you love what you see.

You can love someone whom you believe you know, whom you believe you understand, even when in reality you know nothing about that person. Because we are so keen on falling in love, we allow ourselves to be blind to the truth – it feels better that way. This is not to say that loving someone you don’t know and don’t understand is common, but if loving someone you don’t understand even the least bit is possible then loving someone you don’t understand completely is certainly possible.

I’d even argue that when we first fall for someone, we do so without really understanding him or her as an individual. We allow ourselves to fill in the gaps with our imaginations, creating a person in our minds who doesn’t actually exist.

It takes time to get to know someone and then understand that person. Hell, sometimes we know someone and still aren’t able to understand him or her. Understanding isn’t knowledge alone. Understanding is knowing and being able to relate – it’s being able to comprehend the logic that is behind the actions of the individual.

It’s understanding the thought process the person goes through. It’s basically knowing the way he or she thinks and why he or she thinks that way. You can understand someone without loving him or her, but when you understand and love a person it’s because you can relate to that person in some way.

This is the connection that we feel with the people that we have loved for an extended period of time. Time is necessary for understanding and loving an individual. The reason many relationships fail is that, with time, we either feel that we aren’t able to understand the person we love or that we aren’t able to love what we understand about that person.

Sooner or later, you will come to recognize the shallowness of your relationship for what it is and you’ll be forced to make a difficult decision: either continue lying to yourself or accept the facts and move on.


Teenage Relationships

So far we have all been lectured by our parents about the boys that are going to ruin our future or the girls that are going to attempt to trap us- we’ve heard it but we choose to ignore it. We want to experience and we want to live it. We want to rebel because we feel like we’re being held back and really in these teenage years it is hard to control our emotions, and so we don’t listen to our parents. Continue reading “Teenage Relationships”

10 Phrases Women Need to Live By

1. Flawless: I woke up like this.

Learn to love your body and appearance as much as you love your favourite junk food. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you’re flawless. Literally, say it to the mirror and watch your self-esteem skyrocket. Continue reading “10 Phrases Women Need to Live By”