BUILD-in-a-Box Dinner Party in Pictures

Over the summer, about a hundred ALA current students and alumni hosted BUILD-in-a-Box Camps across the continent.

As part of ALA’s efforts to scale the impact of its programs across the continent, students commenced the BUILD-in-a-Box Camps, for high school students in local and disadvantaged areas across Africa this year.

To reward the students who facilitated the camps, the Center For Entrepreneurial Leadership held a BUILD-in-a-Box dinner.

Check out pictures from the event here.


West African Cultural Exchange: Breaking Stereotypes

The West African Cultural Exchange was an exciting night of food, dance, music, talent, dressing and movies. It took place on Saturday the 14th of November from 7-8:30pm. After about four weeks of time and effort on the part of the West Africans, the night was truly one to remember. The Cultural Exchange started off with a short video which featured West African students and staffulty on campus telling what they loved about their countries and about the region as a whole. The video made people burst in laughter with people like Daminiyi taking about one minute to perfectly say “I AM WEST AFRICAN”.

After the video, the atmosphere was set with a performance by African Dance, dancing to Wande Coal & Patoranking’s My Woman, My Everything and an Afrobeat remix of Psy’s Gentleman.

This kicked off the play which followed the story of a young boy, Alex (Ife) in a classroom which sleeps off after being given a task by his teacher to do a presentation on the culture of West Africa. His fairy godmother (Ore) then appears and takes him on a  journey around West Africa. The journey started with a dance performance which grabbed the attention of the audience because of invigorating beat of Toofan’s Orobo.

There was also a fashion show which displayed the different colourful attires worn all over West Africa, followed by a mini-food fair where puff-puff and chin-chin were served to the audience. IJ then showed the audience how talented West Africans truly are with her cover of Timi Dakolo’s Great Nation which resulted in a standing ovation.

A video was played afterwards of two trailers of Nigerian movies. The trailers were high quality with different themes from what people expected Nigerian movies. The cultural exchange ended on a high note with a dance performance to Franko’s Coller La Petit, with Mr. Joseph and Tomisin stealing the show with their advanced Etighi and Shoki dance steps!

The Cultural Exchange was enjoyed by all and members of the community came upstage to dance to various songs from around West Africa to end the night with a bang!

Anzisha Prize Promo Video. 

The Anzisha prize needs no introduction however for those who do not know, The Anzisha prize is Africa’s premier award for Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs.

The Prize seeks to award young entrepreneurs who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to social challenges or started successful businesses within their communities.

Anzisha week is held annually on the ALA campus and kicks off on the 10th of November this year which is in just 4 days.

Check out the promo video for The Anzisha prize this year.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite 2015 Anzisha finalist — Anzisha People’s Choice Award by clicking here.!

A new government emerges. 

ALA is all about leadership, even the name says it, African LEADERSHIP Academy.

The Student Government is as serious as leadership gets. The masses at ALA practice what most of our countries fail to do and hold its candidates to their word.

On Friday 30th October, the Chair’s Debate held and all candidates gave their speeches and tried to convince the student community that they deserved each vote.

For the position of Chairlady, Arlene Alaíze from Cape Verde and Abii-Tah Chungong from Cameroon went against one another in the debate and Abii-Tah in all honesty sounded the more convincing candidate.

Vieing for the position of Chairman, we had, Vuyisa Coko from South Africa, Tito Darl-Uzu from Nigeria and Moustafa Lufty from Egypt.

Voting held on Sunday 1st November and a new government has emerged.

  • Chairman- Moustafa Lufty
  • Chairlady- Abii-Tah Chungong
  • Data Analyst- Jialing Yu
  • Academic Representative- Sizo Ncube
  • Secretary- Marubini Muswede
  • IT Representative- Princewill Okoroafor
  • Sports Representative- Tomi Idowu
  • Clubs & Societies Representative- Ore Onabanjo
  •  Entertainment Representative – Daminiyi Solebo
  • Treasurer- Ife Adefope
  • Volta House Captains- Hind Zahour & Kukhanya Magubane
  • Tana House Captains- Ndondwa Mijoya & Haissa Toure
  • Zambezi House Captains- Hope Iptisam & Joseph M’po Yeti
  • Niger House Captains- Amy Wanday & Tomisin Fasawe
  • Nile House Captains- Sefa February & Haitham Abdel Hakim
  • Congo House Captains- Estela Naula & Yassine Khalfalli

1st ever ALA Basketball League launches.

The rains prevented the ALA Basketball League from starting on its intended date of Wednesday 21st October 2015.

The rains led to two of the world’s biggest basketball tournaments beginning on the same day. The ALA Basketball League begun today while the NBA Regular Season also begins today.

In the ALA Basketball League Female Division, The Ball Droppers came out tops and as such shall get the first seed for the Playoffs and go against fourth seeded, The Kofos. Second placed, Back on D shall go against The Palm Wine Tappers.

In the Male Division, a three way tie has emerged between The Cereal Killers, Mean Machines and the Flying Dutchmen. The tie was broken using points differential and as such the Cereal Killers came out first and shall go against last seeded Cosmic Ballers. Second placed, Mean Machines shall be looking to get their revenge on the Flying Dutchmen who defeated them despite the absence of a member of their big three, Segun Olagunju known to some as Mr. O.

Monday 2nd November 2015, we shall discover who the champions of ALA really are. Vote for who you think will win here.

ALA Basketball Cup Results

Music: Okada + Delirium- Ella Okoli

ALA Class of 2013 member, Ella Okoli has just released some new heat.

During her time at ALA, she was an ALApella member and last year she regularly excited crowds with her flawless voice. Her most notable performances came during Kimba and Scarlette, the closing plays of the 2013 and 2014 sessions.

Ella who currently schools at Bard, sings over a beat put together by her younger brother on Delirium.

Both songs display Ella’s quality, check them out.

Team ALA Volleyball At Heronbridge College

Earlier today, Team ALA presented 3 volleyball teams (2 male and 1 female) against Heronbridge College.

The 5 set-games were held on Heronbridge’s grounds.

ALA’s 1st male team lost their game against Heronbridge A in the 5th set after throwing away their lead and dropping the 3rd and 4th sets. ALA’s 2nd male team were evidently superior to Heronbridge B as they came away winning all 5 sets.

ALA’s female team succumbed to defeat as well as they lost 4 sets to Heronbridge’s girls.

From a sports standpoint, the next big thing on campus shall be the ALA Basketball Internal League.

Raissa’s Relay Races

Raissa Kanku is a second year from Democratic Republic of Congo and one of the student coordinators for the house programme this year. The Second House event of the Year, is named after Raissa.

Raissa’s Relay Races were a compilation of childhood games which adequately challenged all houses and helped everyone to reminisce their youthful days.

Houses competed in four events, the first being “Rush Hour.” In this game, each house had to have two students, a boy and girl dress up in their complete uniform and this event ended in a three way tie between Zambezi, Volta and Nile.

The second event, an egg and spoon relay race ended with Congo carting away maximum points while the sack race which was the third event saw Volta take home maximum points.

In the closing event and decider, Niger House stole the points while Nile House came second and stole the day as a whole.

This event marked a first seeing as Nile House came first for the first time in over a year and it shall be interesting to see how they continue throughout the year.