Must Have Wardrobe Essentials for 2015

Hey Hey! What’s good? Having a good new year so far? We here at ALAians Media hope so! Speaking of the New Year, we’ve noticed a couple fashion trends in just this first month that might just become wardrobe essentials for the year.

Here they are:
1. Kaftans/ Jalabiyas
Yhuup, it’s number one on our list! From Simone, to Mareme, to OG, these few amongst others, are the ALAians that are bringing back the loose-fitted, free and gone with the wind garments. They feel amazing and are perfect for the lounging weekends. So get yourself one of these, whether in African print or neutral colours!


2. Oversized Print/ Captioned Sweatshirts
Remember when skinny was the new thing? Well, it’s time for the oversized and baggy. Oversized print/caption sweatshirts have this retro yet cool vibe to them. The darker coloured ones are a perfect match for light blue jeans, while the lighter ones look great on black jeans/ a pair of tan chinos. Sarah is the queen of sweatshirts so be sure to seek her sweatshirt blessings.

sweatshirtsweatshirt two

3. Skater-fit Tees!
The skater-fit t-shirts! They are the tees with the long trunk bits and they rule! Let’s admit it, skating is cool, and if you can’t do it, you might as well look like a skater. How? Find yourself the perfect skater-fit t-shirts, the perfect ripped blue jeans and a pair of vans/ Chuck Taylor all-stars! (p.s. buy your actual size when it comes to skater-fit tees, those ones fit best). Wanna learn how to rock skater-fit tees? Take a look at Amin and Osadee.
skater tee

4. Slightly Ripped Jeans
Yeah, ripped jeans have been in for a while, but hey, emphasis on the word “slightly.” It’s sad when jeans are over ripped and all you can look at are the rips on rips on rips. A rip or two on each leg would suffice. Baba’s got a really good pair of ripped jeans, so take note of how he pulls it off.

ripped jeans

5. Print Jumpsuits
Wanna know what to wear when the sun comes out to play girls? Print jumpsuits! Nothing screams fun in the sun as loud as print jumpsuits! Floral prints, leopard prints, you name it! A print jumpsuit can never go wrong once paired with fashionable sandals, a couple of bracelets and a casual ponytail. Mudi and Vignesha have been seen spotting the trend on campus!

jumpsuit twojumpsuit

So there you have it folks, 2015 clothing trends. Now you know what should be in your wardrobes for this year #NewYearNewClothes.

On a nostalgic note, where did our beloved Senegalese pants go? Will they have a comeback or not?

Any trends you’ve seen on campus? Any trends for the new year?

The most beautiful woman in the world

The Twelve Years A Slave star, Lupita Nyong’o, was recently named People magazine’s most beautiful woman.

Some decisions made in beauty pageants and rankings of the most beautiful people in the world could be challenged because beauty as a topic itself is not only subjective but often biased. It always depends on the person judging or measuring said “beauty,” which is not clearly defined to most audiences.

Another problem such rankings seem to have is the possibility of being shallow. The category to hold the title of “Most Beautiful Woman” is not often defined and sometimes people question whether Angelina Jolie won such a title a few years ago because of her physical beauty or her kind acts of adopting children.

As a child, I grew up hearing my mother tell me that beauty comes from within and I should always be a good person. Such an idea is challenged because reasons why certain people are announced as People magazine’s “most beautiful women” are not clearly stated.

As an African teenage girl, some people think that I would be happy that Lupita was voted most beautiful right? I should feel like now I have a chance at being considered beautiful too right? Wrong.

Of course I am happy for Lupita and it definitely was a confidence boost seeing a Kenyan woman winning the title of most beautiful ,but at the same time, it was demeaning. Most articles written about Lupita’s new claim to fame mention the fact that she is African and that an African girl has made it as the most beautiful woman in the world; making it seem like by electing Lupita as most beautiful, People magazine has done Africa a favour.

Lupita was quoted saying, “I am happy for all the girls who will see me on it (the magazine) and feel a little more seen”. If anything, I feel less seen. Because I have a mass of black, coarse coils on my head instead of a buzz cut; skin a couple shades lighter than Lupita and a much bigger body – I feel as if I cannot be considered as the “beautiful” kind of African. Yes of course I am proud to see an African woman on the cover of every magazine and even happier that I have the right to say “I am East African too, you know,” every time Lupita is brought up as the topic of conversation BUT the tabloids should stop re-iterating the fact that she is African and look at her as an individual, rather than the representation of an entire continent (imagine how North Africans must be feeling). Beauty is not only subjective – it’s complicated. There is not one kind of beautiful, especially not in a continent as diverse as Africa.

This is my opinion on Lupita Nyong’o being voted the most beautiful woman in the world according to People magazine. Let ALAians Media know yours.

Men’s Style Trends at ALA

ALA like any other is a place filled with trends. We examine the top men’s fashion trends we see at ALA nowadays.

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Winter Fashion: How to Beat the Cold In Style

Disclaimer: It rarely snows in Johannesburg but given this year’s temperatures, we might just see snow.

It is that time of the year again, when the shorts and sandals retreat into your closet and the scarves come out.  Here are some of the wardrobe staples to have in your closet this winter.

  1. Jeans and leggings

Jeans, especially skinny jeans are really versatile. Heading outdoors? Wear a pair of warm knobbly socks over black jeans and a finish with a pair of boots. Are the temperatures almost zero? Wear warm leggings under your jeans to keep you extra warm what with the insulation by trapping air between the two fabrics. #geek moment #physics in action

Borrow a leaf from Miranda Kerr who rocks jeans and thigh high boots below:


2.  Sweaters

These are great for keeping out the cold (duh), but most importantly, they come in a variety of sizes, colours, shapes and cuts as you can see below: You can dress these up or down, have them as the main focus of your outfit or even layer them underneath a warm coat.


3.  Coats

The coat is a key winter staple. It can streamline the silhouette, making you look longer and leaner, provided the cut is right for you. The coat works well on both girls and guys as below:

coats men coats

4.  Scarves

I left the best for last intentionally.  Dressing in the winter can be rather boring and monotonous, especially since most pen ople abandon all colour during this season. Scarves keep you warm and have the added benefit of spicing up your outfit. Look for thick scarves in all colours and patterns to be the perfect end to your winter wardrobe.


Finally, whenever you are in need of inspiration, look no further than Google. Pinterest will never fail you.


The Mr Price Boom

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What Would I Like My Partner to Wear On Our First Date

Does everyone have expectations set for their partners? Are they ever met?

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That Small Change You Noticed

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ALAians Media Models

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