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Disney’s New Remake of Cinderella and the New Frozen Short Film

Well hey there Disney lovers. So it seems like there are two things that Disney can’t get enough of:

  • The new remakes and twists of old Disney classics, and
  • Frozen

Am I right or right? RIGHT! Both these things have made Disney even more pronounced than it already was (if that’s possible).

Anyway, following the success of the remake of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent (which by the way made me a “Disney Villains (excluding Claude Frollo, he was way too evil) over Disney Princesses kinda guy”), Disney decided to continue on a streak of remaking its classics.

This time, it’s taking on the most famous of all princesses *drumroll please* CINDERELLA, Ella for short according to the new movie.

Our thoughts?

It might not have as many avenues to twist the story plot as Disney had with Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent, but there are a few things we are excited about. One of which is Cate Blanchett acting as wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine. That should be a good one, she is definitely one who can pull of sinister *evil chuckle*.


Second thing to watch out for, Bellatrix Lestrange is the fairy godmother! Ok, the crazy witch who killed Sirius Black (hurts my heart every time I watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), isn’t exactly the fairy godmother- now that would be twisted! Helena Bonham Carter, who acted as Bella Lestrange is acting as the fairy godmother. She left those grey and black robes for a white poofy dress. Will the fairy godmother be as eccentric as the actress’s other magic wand wielding character?


And lastly, Robb Stark really is Prince Charming! Ok, maybe not exactly (again)…but Richard Madden who acts as Ned Stark’s son, Robb, in the HBO series Game of Thrones is acting as Prince Charming in the movie! Let’s just say it’s just as “nice” to see Richard Madden in his princely element as Prince Charming as it is when he’s battling for the throne in GoT *wink wink*


And, lest we forget! You know how you heard Let it Go or Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? all over during Christmas? Yeah, Frozen was here to stay during Christmas ’14 and looks like it’s here to stay still.

It was a really great movie, and watching it the first time, it was full of so many surprises (s/o to Prince Hans of the Southern Aisles…we thought he was so cool and lovable until he wasn’t! He might be the most evil Disney villain ever…actually no, Claude Frollo *shivers*).

Well, still sorta revelling in the Frozen era, Disney has created a short film, Frozen Fever with the Frozen characters, that is said to be showing ahead of the new Cinderella movie, when it hits theatres on March 13th this year. It’s almost like an appetiser-main course kinda thing.

It’s Anna’s birthday in the short film and it’s the perfect occasion for Elsa to be on her ice queen flow, Olaf to be as cute as ever (it doesn’t get cuter than Olaf) and Kristoff and Sven’s bro-reindeer bromance.

So keep your eye out, Frozen Fever and Cinderella are coming to theatres near you!

Check out the Cinderella trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20DF6U1HcGQ

Life is Too Short

Like I said in the previous post, you were once a toddler under your mother’s care, then you were a seven your old immersing yourself into this thing called “childhood” then you opened your arms to welcome teen hood to your life. You see, life is too short. Too short for you to sitting around and worrying a lot and not making things happen.

Live your life to the fullest. Life is the shortest yet the longest thing we will ever know. Every time you are about to complain about how sad, depressing, unsatisfying and dull your life is, think about the person who could be on the death bed and hoping to live just for another day. Think about the child that died at birth, the parent’s dreams were crushed when the casket hit the ground. Think about the guy on the street begging for something to eat while you complaining about “inedible” food (like Sodexo). Living your life doesn’t mean living it for yourself only, it realising that you ought to be grateful for every little atom that makes you who you are and hoping the best for others.

Life is too short to be holding grudges. Why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you torturing yourself like this? Learn to forgive. That is the best thing you can reward yourself with when someone has wronged you. It is not easy but you can do it. Being mad at someone takes so much energy! It takes so much energy. Learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness, especially if you care about the person. This precious living opportunity is so short that you might wake up and find yourself paralysed and dumb. You will be able to talk interact with the person in any way possible. You might get knocked down and die, the person might relocate or any other worse scenario. Just don’t waste your time trying to figure out ways to hate someone. Move on.

Writing and Rhetoric will not kill me.

Elation. That’s all I can say to describe what I felt when I pressed ctrl-s for the last time. It was done. Ten days of this cloud of anxiety and doubt floating around my head would finally come to an end. An imaginary tear of joy left my eye.

I was done with my writing and Rhetoric essay.

I remember being a first year doing writing and rhetoric. First term was spent being angry at my teacher for giving me the first B’s of my life. 79 became the evil number. Then second term brought the creative piece and my first A. Then more A’s in third term, and my confidence levels skyrocketed, and I thought I was the hottest thing Microsoft word had ever seen.

This carried on, even into second year. Writing and Rhetoric was a cool subject. You discussed, then you had to write 450 words or so, and life moved on.

This changed recently. Unexpectedly. One day, it was all fun and games. We had to try going a while without technology. We had a few laughs about our withdrawal symptoms. Then, we came to class and had some discussions that turned into debates. Nothing unusual. Focused free write here, the occasional fight with sleep there.

And then BAM. 1200 words. One million requirements. MLA citation. 10 days. Not to sound cheesy, but it went from 0 to 1200 reallll quick.

Only in theory though, because in reality, it went from 0 to 1200 very, painfully , reallly slow. At one point, my 800 words, after cutting out a lot of sh-unacceptable content, was down to 300. That was one of the few (many) times school work has pushed me close to tears. Some hours of struggles , I submitted a draft, which only kind of , sort of, completely destroyed my essay and put me back at square one. That was great.

I could go on describing the trials and tribulations of writing this essay, but it would take too long. So, I’ll just repeat the most important point: It is done. I’m done with it. I can log onto canvas, upload and submit, and download an episode of dance moms, and move on with life.

Thank GOD.

It is Time to Live!

A time comes when you need to start thinking about life. A friend of mine usually says that “life is never that deep,” but it really is deep. A while back you were a toddler relying on your mother for basically everything. The next moment you were a 7 year old that could read and write and all of a sudden this thing called Adolescence came knocking on your door and because it was so fascinating, you welcomed it with open arms (as if you had a choice.) You started producing hormones, then suddenly you’re told you could become a parent if you aren’t careful. And the next day, you are about to become a young adult…

Is life still not that deep?

It really is! Life is so deep that you don’t know what might happen to you in the next second. You might end up toothless (you have to stop eating meat), broke, crippled or even DEAD. God forbid, but you really need to start thinking about such. What do you want to be remembered for once you are no longer there to speak for yourself. I am not saying you should live a perfect life because that will be insanity but what are you truly striving for?
Do you want to be remembered as the person that existed but never lived? Do you want to be remembered as the person that pushed till the end? If you aspire to be known as the greatest person that ever existed, then that dream starts with little things. It starts with having a vision, though this might sound like a cliché but it is true.

You are young. Your adrenalin should be at its peak. You should start doing things that you are scared to do.
Be kind to people. Offer help where there is an opportunity for you to impact one’s life. Be open to learn something new. You are never too old to learn. Try to learn how to play a guitar, piano or anything instrument that fascinates you. Learn a different language through Youtube and interact with people of different cultures. Start thinking about what you want in life. Get a journal and write dit all down. The kind of house you want to live in ( be specific in terms of colour, location, number of bedrooms it should have, events you will host, and who you want to live with.)

Hope for something. Always look forward to the next day. Like I said, you never know what might happen. Be thankful. The ability to show gratitude is the nerve to continue doing good. Your actions have an impact on others, when you are grateful to others, they will continue to be grateful to you and others. Authentic gratitude makes you humble. Everybody loves humble people.

Learn to give. Offer your time, your attention and yourself to others. It is always good to give. It makes you valuable and increases your importance.

Stay true to yourself. This is not easy, especially if you live in an environment where you are compelled to succumb to the norms of the society. Never compromise your values because you want to be accepted.

Finally, you start living when you realize how blessed you are. Someone somewhere doesn’t have a bed to sleep on, a mother to call, a home to go to, a friend to lean on, an education to aspire to and no hope. Begin to realist that being alive is the greatest gift given to mankind. Even though life might be too short to do all the things I advised you to do, it is the longest thing we will ever know. So live.

Rejection Letters Hurt So Much

You spend months researching about colleges you like, you research everything that you need to know about them. You spend sleepless nights working on your college essay and you get feedback that only confuses you more. Yet, you redo your essay, You fill in tons of financial documents that are just too personal and you wonder why these people need to know EVERYTHING about you. You go for long meetings with your college counselor trying to get through the application process in one piece. You end up anti-social because you spend your ‘free time’ trying to get through SATs for the third time, hoping to see some improvement. You do improve, and you feel that you have done everything required of you……and then you get rejected.

An individual sat and went through your application and determined your fate. Made you feel like you are not good enough. Made you feel like that college decision is the only thing that matters after oxygen. Made you feel like getting into that school would be the best achievement. It hurts having all your sweat and blood made void wiyh one email that tells you that you cannot be accepted into that institution. It hurts even worse when that college decision was not just your dream but your parents dream, your neighbours’, friends’ and community’s dream. You were going to be the first among a lot to obtain university admission outside your home country. It hurts because yo feel that you have denied your parents of their bragging rights.

It hurts more than putting salt to an old wound. Just one email can change your life.
Dear Y
Thank you for your application to University of Somewhere. We regret to inform you will not be considered for admission. The application process was very competitive and we encourage you to apply again next year.

What Does Valentines Day Mean To You?

We had the pleasure of asking a few people on campus what they thought about Valentines day – here’s what they had to say.
And yes, we know its a day late, but we had Valentines plans of our own 😉

What do you guys think? Feel free to answer any of the questions asked in the comments section below! Or let us know how you spent your Valentines day!
Enjoy and Happy Belated Valentines day to you all!

Smile this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day last year was fit for a movie for me. To cut a long story short, the first year anniversary of the longest relationship I’ve ever been in is on February 15th. Whatever you can deduce from that, feel free.

Last year was great, and in some ways, it makes Valentines Day 2015 pretty tough. You see, “bae” is an 8-hour flight away. So, there’ll be no re-enacting last year, with the quad walks and the making fun of all the other new couples (#ShadeClub.) It’s pretty easy for me to be depressed this whole weekend. But I won’t be, mostly because bae says I shouldn’t be, but also because, as Tamasha was happy tell us, there are different kinds of love to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

We all have at least one friend; someone who cares about us. Probably more than one. I know some of them will be a bit too occupied tomorrow, but I highly doubt ALL of them will be. So, yes I won’t be spending my Valentine’s Day the way I would have wanted to . Maybe lots of you had bigger dreams too, and didn’t imagine a night eating pizza and watching movies, as you have now planned to do. All I can say is, maybe you shouldn’t spend the whole night locked up. The Valentines ball is still a party with good food at the end of the day. So make the most of the lack of heart-shaped candy that life is giving you. You may have fun, and you could even set yourself up for future happiness outside V-day, if you know what I’m saying. lol.

My plan is to have fun with my friends in one of the last big events before I graduate. I hope you all enjoy your day too, regardless!