Fishing: A First year’s view

At  ALA, words have the tendency to forsake their original meanings. “Fishing” is one fo those words.Back in the days of our anscestors, fishing meant catching fish for food or as a sport. Today, fishing is the search for bae (the one, the significant other, the boo).  At ALA, fishing is now the act of flirting or making advances towards someone. Out of it, attrocious lines such as “do you know what material my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.” or “if you were a tropical fruit you’d be a Fine-apple” arise.

Being a first year you’re considered to be fresh meat and so you’re immediately exposed to the thirst upon your arrival. People hoping to be startin’ somethin’ swarm towards you like bees to a blossoming flower. You’re stalked months before you even set foot on campus so that by the time you actually arrive, all that is left is for you to be introduced to traditions such as “quad walking” or “Sunday afternoon pizza.”

It is because we are exposed to this thirst that we receive nicknames like “thirsty firsties” regardless of the fact that we are the victims and not the predators. For those you that have not been privileged (or unlucky!)  enough  to experience this fishing first hand, do not despair because in ALA as the seasons change so does the general taste in “fish.” It is never really a question of if it will happen but when it will happen. According to my observations, some fishing seasons have passed and some are coming:

September: peak fishing time.

October: Formation of those early relationships

With November comes the “SAT celebration fishing” and the “exam support fishing.”

Still to come is my favorite type of fishing; the “December fishing.” This is the “let’s begin the New Year together” and the “no strings attached” fishing  that honestly only exists due to too much holiday excitement. Brace yourself guys; it’s coming.

Btw, for those of you in relationships, you’re not safe either. Do not forget that sometimes fish slip off the hook and someone else catches them.

Happy fishing.







When Song Lyrics Get You

For many of us, the music we listen to goes with our mood, and sometimes some songs apply a bit too well to your life. Here are six moments at ALA where song lyrics seem to just get you:


1.  When the internet is super slowtumblr_n0fm6z0jIS1s2usi4o2_500


2. When people compliment your appearance (and you’re actuallly really tired/stressed)



3.  On Sundays ( it’s most likely to be sleep)



4. When it gets closer to the end of the year/term



5.When school work begins to pile up



6. When you order food



So that’s it! What other songs do you find yourself relating to your life?

5 People 1 Waterslide

Hola amigos! Hope you all had an amazing break and are looking forward to the next three…sorry…three and a half days of school before yet another weekend.

But before we go back to mechanics and Literature, let’s take a moment and relive the fun that happened yesterday. We’re talking about the afternoon spent with the water slide.

Well, it was manufactured to be a waterslide, and it pretty much does just that, UNTIL:

  1. O.G gives you “the look”
  2. Othmane asks you “what’s up?”
  3. Seyi flashes you a sneaky smile
  4. Zacky asks “how far na?”
  5. Tito bellows “oya come here.”

Once you experience any of those things, the water slide become a symbol of the fight for your right to be dry, and the word “shower” becomes traumatic.

Here are our top 5 “SHOWER!!” moments from yesterday:

  1. Mr DesmondIMG_2104Mr Desmond, this is for all those Econ homeworks and tests 🙂
  2. TemilayoIMG_2123Temilayo being dunked once again, despite her pleas
  3. IbrahimIMG_2161Judging from Brian, Othmane and Youssef’s faces, it seems like Ibrahim was a tough one to shower
  4. DeepshikaIMG_2102Deepshika explaining why she should not get showered again as Seyi prepares to shower her.
  5. MohammedIMG_2146Mohammed:  “Ahh Gyampo, dey don shower you too?” #madeupbutprobablytrue

Big ups to Tamasha for organizing an eventful break and the photographers that capture all these precious moments, “you are all so wonderful, thank you!” (Missy Elliott Pass That Dutch lyrics)

Who’s in your top 5 shower moments? Leave us a comment or two

Here’s what’s been up!

Hey there! It’s been a busy month on campus, and here are some pictures. Feast thine eyes.


Ms. Mandisa & Ms. Shoki
Ms. Mandisa & Ms. Shoki
Scheming and Posing ALAians
A few schemers



Year 1 v/s Year 2 Soccer Match

Year 1 v/s Year 2 Soccer Match

Bruno and Firsties
Bruno and Firsties
The Mauritians
The Mauritians
Peace Day Celebration in Colors
Peace Day Celebration in Colors
Peace Day Celebration : Ella's Performance
Peace Day Celebration : Ella’s Performance

Team Bonding Exercise
Team Bonding Exercise


Year 1 Boot Camp : Marshmallow Challenge
Year 1 Boot Camp : Marshmallow Challenge


Team Building Experiential
Team Building Experiential
ALAians (Second Years)
ALAians (Second Years)