What Does Valentines Day Mean To You?

We had the pleasure of asking a few people on campus what they thought about Valentines day – here’s what they had to say.
And yes, we know its a day late, but we had Valentines plans of our own 😉

What do you guys think? Feel free to answer any of the questions asked in the comments section below! Or let us know how you spent your Valentines day!
Enjoy and Happy Belated Valentines day to you all!

Dear “X”

Do I need to work so hard for you to notice me?
Remember how you used to call me in the middle of the night to tell me that you missed me but I was just a block away from you? Or when you would send me texts in the morning and afternoon just to tell me that I am on your mind? Wait, remember the day you said you loved me? What happened to all that? Did it go away with the New Year, out with the old and in with the new and I happened to be old news now.

I am saddened by the fact that I look at you every day and wonder what happened to us. We used to talk. I would pour my heart and your ears were always there to listen to me. You were always there for me. I am sitting in my room and all I think about is how you were supposed to be my date. You know what I am doing? I am looking through the list of people who are up for Valentine’s Day date auction. I am hoping that I can be the highest bidder and spend the evening with you. I know it wont be like old times. The only difference will be that I am going to be in fancy clothes and talking to the person I really care about like I am just some stranger.

I just want to reconnect with you. That is all I am asking for. I shy away each time I see you looking at me in the dinning hall. I change my path each time I see you coming my way. It never used to be like this. We both have turned in to strangers. My heart breaks into pieces when I see you talking to “that person.” You seem to comfortable around this person, you laugh at their jokes like you are being paid to laugh at their jokes. You look deeply into their eyes like you are searching deep into their soul and that is how you used to be with me. In a space of a week you only utter one word and that is “hi”. Our sixteen hour long conversations have turned into one word greetings. On Valentines Day, I am going to wear that chain you got me for Christmas, I hope it will remind you of us.

Your Broken Hearted Lover

Love Or Understanding

Most people are looking for that one person whom they can love and who can love them – that one person who will be there for them, care for them and understand them. Being understood is often confused with being loved; the two aren’t the same.

Most people assume that those whom they love, they understand and that those who love them, understand them as well. The problem is that this is not always the case. Understanding and knowing someone is very tricky. People aren’t static beings – their personalities change over time.

Knowing someone takes a lot of work, just as does love. However, the more compatible individuals are, the more they will get to know and understand each other and the deeper they will fall for each other. The issue is that sometimes the more you get to know someone, the less you love what you see.

You can love someone whom you believe you know, whom you believe you understand, even when in reality you know nothing about that person. Because we are so keen on falling in love, we allow ourselves to be blind to the truth – it feels better that way. This is not to say that loving someone you don’t know and don’t understand is common, but if loving someone you don’t understand even the least bit is possible then loving someone you don’t understand completely is certainly possible.

I’d even argue that when we first fall for someone, we do so without really understanding him or her as an individual. We allow ourselves to fill in the gaps with our imaginations, creating a person in our minds who doesn’t actually exist.

It takes time to get to know someone and then understand that person. Hell, sometimes we know someone and still aren’t able to understand him or her. Understanding isn’t knowledge alone. Understanding is knowing and being able to relate – it’s being able to comprehend the logic that is behind the actions of the individual.

It’s understanding the thought process the person goes through. It’s basically knowing the way he or she thinks and why he or she thinks that way. You can understand someone without loving him or her, but when you understand and love a person it’s because you can relate to that person in some way.

This is the connection that we feel with the people that we have loved for an extended period of time. Time is necessary for understanding and loving an individual. The reason many relationships fail is that, with time, we either feel that we aren’t able to understand the person we love or that we aren’t able to love what we understand about that person.

Sooner or later, you will come to recognize the shallowness of your relationship for what it is and you’ll be forced to make a difficult decision: either continue lying to yourself or accept the facts and move on.