TECHIE DIARIES #4: These Boots Were Made For Charging

I find it extremely annoying when my phone battery runs out and I am nowhere near a charger. So the creative guys got together and portable chargers were born.  One entrepreneurhas taken t to the next level  by inventing a novel  new charger, the shoe.

Anthony Mutua is an electrical engineer graduate of Mombasa Polytechnic University College, and has for over two years been developing a mobile phone charger which is placed in the shoe. Continue reading “TECHIE DIARIES #4: These Boots Were Made For Charging”

Techie Diaries #3: Talking to My Phone

“Siri, play Retrograde”.

Barely seconds later, I hear the soothing voice of James  Blake.

“Siri, should I carry an umbrella today?”
After a quick internet search Siri  informs me that I should not, because the weather forecast predicts clear skies with a sunny afternoon today. At this point, you would think that Siri was my personal assistant (wouldn’t that be delightful). Continue reading “Techie Diaries #3: Talking to My Phone”