Techie Diaries #4: Back After A Short Hiatus

How To Unsend E-mails:

At one point or another, we have all sent emails that we regret. It may have been the typo that ruined your shot at that amazing internship, an angry message that you were composing only to send it unintentionally or the ever- dreaded reply all error.

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The worst I ever saw was a friend who once sent his bank details to the entire school. (You know who you are).

With today’s innovative mindset, it was only a matter of time before people discovered a way around this problem.

Enter Pluto Mail a free service that allows users to edit sent emails and even un-send messages. This gem comes courtesy of David Gobaud and Lindsay Lin, two Harvard Law School students.

From its website, Pluto allows senders to view when emails are opened. It also helps users reduce their online footprint, avoid email disasters, and have fun with time-limited emails. Pluto requires no downloads or plugins for either the sender or recipients.

It includes other features such as allowing one to:

  • unsend emails
  • view when the recipient opens the email
  • edit emails before they are opened
  • set emails to autoexpire


The service is currently being tested by 600 users.

Join the waitlist here: and say goodbye to cringing after you click send.

TECHIE DIARIES #4: These Boots Were Made For Charging

I find it extremely annoying when my phone battery runs out and I am nowhere near a charger. So the creative guys got together and portable chargers were born.  One entrepreneurhas taken t to the next level  by inventing a novel  new charger, the shoe.

Anthony Mutua is an electrical engineer graduate of Mombasa Polytechnic University College, and has for over two years been developing a mobile phone charger which is placed in the shoe. Continue reading “TECHIE DIARIES #4: These Boots Were Made For Charging”

Techie Diaries #3: Talking to My Phone

“Siri, play Retrograde”.

Barely seconds later, I hear the soothing voice of James  Blake.

“Siri, should I carry an umbrella today?”
After a quick internet search Siri  informs me that I should not, because the weather forecast predicts clear skies with a sunny afternoon today. At this point, you would think that Siri was my personal assistant (wouldn’t that be delightful). Continue reading “Techie Diaries #3: Talking to My Phone”