Radio Skika Timetable


*Mayibuye Sunday 22.00-00.00

-Reflections(Arnold)- Exploring the diversity of spirituality, tradition and cultural practices the African continent has to offer.

-Ignite(Ramah)- Ignite discusses the exciting opportunities available in Africa, from media to agriculture, and how listeners can tap into these emerging markets!

*TuneInn Tuesdays

-The Vent(Tino , Wycliffe)- Listeners get the opportunity to anonymously send in their comments on what they would like to vent about.

-Corner Cafe(four Skikans)- Relaxed conversational talk which discusses topics of the day. Listeners can look forward to surprise guests, performances and crazy dares!

*Rated R Thursdays

-Red Couch Sessions(Tino Arnold)- Intriguing talk focusing on controversial topics facing the African continent

-HARDtalk(Wycliffe Ramah)- Debate-based forum discussing current events

*Homegrown Fridays

-Afrique!(Tino)- Entertainment news in Africa-music, movies, gossip!

-Voice(Wycliffe)- An interesting guest on the show who can share their expertise in their field

*ALA-specific Breakfast shows:

-Rise Up Mondays – African beats and old jams to go with your eggs!

-Trending Tuesday – Hip-hop , Rnb and new jams to energise your day!

-Wednesday beats – Hot African beats

Soulful Thursday – Indie and Alternative music for your coffee

-TGIF – Music to start your weekend off

-Saturday Rhythm – with DJ Static

*(Advisory lunch) Thursday Jams

Look forward to great music, advisory quizzes and audio vines while eating your lunch!

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