Are the Year Ones superior to the Year Twos at Basketball?

October 12th 2015. The stage is set.

It was the first year one versus year two basketball game this session. The Female game was first and the Year Two girls showed exactly why they are Year Twos. They neutralized the Year One threat and came away with a 10-6 victory. It was interesting seeing the Year One team put up a good performance considering their inexperience as a team.

The rhetoric in the boy’s game was different. With 90 seconds to go, Year Twos led by 4 points. A less than satisfactory performance was alright as far as the win was in the bag however, the Year Ones stole the game with two quick buckets, the game winner being sunk by Regis Isirahenda from Burundi with just three seconds left on the game clock. The dedication of the male team of the Year One class to basketball definitely gives hope to the ALA Basketball Team this year.

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