The Absurd

ALA has been an interesting experience. I have eaten yams here, worn an outfit made up of pieces from all over Africa and met someone from Slovakia. Just when I thought the diversity could not get any more diverse, my views on whether I exist or not would be challenged.
It is absurd that we work so hard in school to get into college, then work harder in college to get a good job, then work even harder at work to get a promotion… The cycle is endless. sisyphus (1)
It is absurd that people are obsessed with accumulating material wealth, not knowing that the more they get the more they usually want. It is absurd that we are so obsessed with the afterlife, something we know nothing about.
It is absurd that we spend our time chasing happiness, and are never really happy.
featured absurd
It is that time of year again, when ALA second year students read The Stranger by Albert Camus. (#promotingAfricanWriters)
First off everyone should read this book. Not only because it is deep and profound and will change your life, but because when a woman asks the protagonist if he loves her, he replies that that sort of question has no meaning. Now guys, when a woman asks you if you love her, the right answer should be yes. To avoid tears and shoes being thrown at you. But I digress.
Formally, the absurd is the conflict that arises when we attempt to resolve our constant search for meaning in life with the fact that the world is meaningless. But is the world truly without meaning? I do not know.
However, I know that I too am constantly searching for meaning. I would love to believe that the act of typing this article before I go to bed has some significance in the larger scheme of things. I would like to believe that I am destined to do a,b,c. That might all be a lie. For all we know we could all be trapped in a giant snow globe somewhere being manipulated by large entities. (I watch way too much television)
I was sure of many things before this reading. Now I am unsure of many things. Am I alone in this world? Will my most authentic moment in life be my death? Is true meaning in life possible?
I don’t know. But that isn’t such a bad thing.
(To be continued next week.)
It is also absurd that Ms. D has never met Bruce Springsteen.

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