Flashback Friday: Why We Loved KONKA

About a month ago  *Schmoney Dance*, second years went on their Konka retreat.  Konka is a leadership retreat second years go on in the beginning of the year to start working on their student enterprises.

Konka was loads of work and all, but still really fun. Here are a few reasons we loved it:

You get to see your friends’ funny sleep faces on the 2 hour bus ride. It’s not such a long ride but some times moving vehicle inevitably equals sleep


Sorry to our dear models. We couldn’t resist. Btw,  Yves looks ready for the hangover 4.


You get to reflect on  the gorgeous Konka campsite. It was the perfect place to get all the second years calm and serene and ready for this year.

IMG-20141003-WA0010Who smiles so much while reflecting? People at Konka!

SEP Karaoke

The Mariahs and the Ice JJ Fishes were all exposed when every enterprise had to remix a song for their team. We got to see Radio Skika remix “Dami Duro” (it is possible), Footprints get their Macklemore on with “Thrift Shop” and ALAians Media bring on the drama with “When I was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. It was the funniest part of Konka.


The best thing at Konka was possibly those free pens we got. They were pens and …wait for it….HIGHLIGHTERS. We aren’t ashamed to admit complete fascination with these penlighter things.  #StationeryGameOnA100IMG-20141003-WA0012 IMG-20141003-WA0011

There you have it folks, some reasons why we loved Konka. First years, look forward to Konka next year, and to our second years and dear alumni, why did YOU love Konka?

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