Smile this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day last year was fit for a movie for me. To cut a long story short, the first year anniversary of the longest relationship I’ve ever been in is on February 15th. Whatever you can deduce from that, feel free.

Last year was great, and in some ways, it makes Valentines Day 2015 pretty tough. You see, “bae” is an 8-hour flight away. So, there’ll be no re-enacting last year, with the quad walks and the making fun of all the other new couples (#ShadeClub.) It’s pretty easy for me to be depressed this whole weekend. But I won’t be, mostly because bae says I shouldn’t be, but also because, as Tamasha was happy tell us, there are different kinds of love to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

We all have at least one friend; someone who cares about us. Probably more than one. I know some of them will be a bit too occupied tomorrow, but I highly doubt ALL of them will be. So, yes I won’t be spending my Valentine’s Day the way I would have wanted to . Maybe lots of you had bigger dreams too, and didn’t imagine a night eating pizza and watching movies, as you have now planned to do. All I can say is, maybe you shouldn’t spend the whole night locked up. The Valentines ball is still a party with good food at the end of the day. So make the most of the lack of heart-shaped candy that life is giving you. You may have fun, and you could even set yourself up for future happiness outside V-day, if you know what I’m saying. lol.

My plan is to have fun with my friends in one of the last big events before I graduate. I hope you all enjoy your day too, regardless!

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