Athena Hall emerges supreme from 1st battle of the mask

This year’s first battle of the mask held on Saturday. The event was different in that this battle was a relay of events and so once one hall was done with an event they could move on to the next while the others still battled with the previous task. This change in style saw Athena steal the day. They came away from the first event where they had to make a pyramid and balance a bucket on the top first and that set the tome for the rest of the day. In the second event, halls were required to throw a certain number of balls into a bucket. The third event was in some sense stolen from EL, all halls had equal materials and were required to come up with the tallest structure.

The fourth event required all halls to complete Sudoku puzzles and tested the math power of the members of the various halls.

The fifth event was extremely funny. Halls had to present 5 runners who rotated around a broomstick 10 times and then ran a distance just under 30 metres. It was funny seeing many people fall first and then try and pick themselves up while some others were moving towards the admin block while they were to be moving towards the dining hall.

The sixth event saw halls eat a few snacks and wasn’t too eventful.

After each hall had run through the five events they had the rest of the time to practice for a dancing competition. Athena due to their speed in previous events came away with at least 30 minutes extra time to practice however, that did not result to much as it was Twawana who finished the relay last and had the shortest practice time who emerged as champions from the dancing competition.

In hindsight, it is obvious that the relay was flawed because once Athena took off, they were going to continually come first in all the events as they had started before all the other halls. The reasonable approach would then have been to make the dancing competition could carry more weight than all the other events.

All in all, Shoutout to all the female halls. The event ended with Athena in 1st position, Gaga in 2nd, Malaika in 3rd and Twawana in 4th.

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