Why Life Is Like Temple Run

If you don’t know what Temple Run is by now, you must be living under a rock or not a fan of mobile apps. Period. As a Temple Run addict, I am biased and everything stated in this post may be exaggerated. The first time I played Temple Run, I hated it. It was frustrating, I died every two seconds and hated that something that seemed so simple could be so difficult. I played it non-stop and before I knew it, I was making high scores. When I hit my first one million points, the rest was history. That is when I came up with the theory which is: Temple Run is a lot like life.

You start out being pushed in a stroller by your parents = Temple Run with tutorials


You proceed to crawling = Temple Run without tutorials

You start to run


Life knocks you down = You die

Getting back up after life knocks you down = Using a life gem and running again

Then the haters come after you = The animal chasing you

And you run again

You do this repeatedly until you hit 1 000 000 and even surpass it.


You die again…for real this time = You eventually run out of gems and die

That’s just the way life is. Keep running through the paths life gives you, dodge the trees that fall in front of you, run away from the haters (animals) trying to eat you and get on that Temple Run life.

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