It was a bright and sunny morning on the 26th of March when the #ALAthrowback happened over Facebook. Notable ALA alum led the charge against peers and some teachers who they are friends with on Facebook and started exposing their old photos. When we talk about old, we talk about photos that are now meme-worthy, photos that don’t fit the person’s current profile, photos that are guaranteed to make you roll over and die. Originally started by the class of 2011, this #ALAthrowback has spread as far as to the inaugural class and also the newest members of the ALA community, the class of 2013. Some people have commented that this #ALAthrowback is more successful than the ALA Annual All Community Call. It has brought classes together and given us dirt on each other to share. To follow up on the pictures and posts, type #ALAThrowback into your Facebook search bar and prepare to be entertained.

No one is safe.

 Disclaimer: The #ALAThrowback was meant for entertainment and bonding but if insulted by anything revealed, let the responsible parties know.

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