Who Do You Vote For?

African Leadership Academy is a home for future leaders, both political and creative. It is always an interesting phase when ALA students campaign for being in the Student Government. The campaigns range from “I WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY” videos to loud speeches filled with ambiguous words. I have always wondered what the ‘government’ does for the students. We all know they meet on Sundays, (Hopefully they all attend). Have you ever wondered what the student government does as a collective? As in the things they actually do for students. Do you even know the capability of that person you voted for to lead you? Not that they are not doing nothing. That won’t be true. In our time in ALA (as second years), we have seen the works of Peace Day, the donation to COBURWAS, the new sports kits and the vibrant expenditure on spot lights, just to mention a few.

But the main question now is who will be the next future leaders of the ALA Student Government. It has come to people’s attention that most people running at this point and time are existing cliques and great public speakers. Will you vote because you are close to them? Will you vote because they used ‘SAT’ like vocabulary? Will you vote because they kind of have no competition? Will they be judged because of their failure to deliver what they promised in the past government? The questions are countless but what matters the most is what the STUDENTS think.

Who will be in the next government and most importantly why?

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