Why Do You Have To Be All Cheesy?

Through every spring,
There should be a blossoming flower.
Through every winter,
There should be a cold front.
Through every relationship,
There should be common ground.
This is not meant to be a poem or prose but a series of thought provoking sentences. (Don’t think they will work if you are trying to score points)
• I can share my emotions with the world but I can only express my feelings to the one I care for.
• My eyes may be filled with water at all times but only you can get to see my tears.
• At times I wonder why I find love absurd but only get to love you meaningfully.
• There is no guarantee that I will get to see the sun rise but there is hope that I will be with you the next day.
• Every breath I take comes from a series of airways but every moment I spend with you creates a sequence of memories.
Enough with the cheesy phrases (They will never make literal sense either way). We always find phrases which we tend to associate with our daily life activities, either painful or joyful. Have you ever wondered why some people always mess up their first crush approach? A very simple letter or conversation can express your emotions clear and simple, but well some people seem to find reason in ‘poetic’ manner. Why don’t you just say what you want to say like it is? Maybe it works for some people but honestly what if the person does not even have a clue of the ambiguous word you used means? It’s rather interesting to know what pick-up lines people use when given the chance to.
Share the one which was once used on you…




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