Writing and Rhetoric will not kill me.

Elation. That’s all I can say to describe what I felt when I pressed ctrl-s for the last time. It was done. Ten days of this cloud of anxiety and doubt floating around my head would finally come to an end. An imaginary tear of joy left my eye.

I was done with my writing and Rhetoric essay.

I remember being a first year doing writing and rhetoric. First term was spent being angry at my teacher for giving me the first B’s of my life. 79 became the evil number. Then second term brought the creative piece and my first A. Then more A’s in third term, and my confidence levels skyrocketed, and I thought I was the hottest thing Microsoft word had ever seen.

This carried on, even into second year. Writing and Rhetoric was a cool subject. You discussed, then you had to write 450 words or so, and life moved on.

This changed recently. Unexpectedly. One day, it was all fun and games. We had to try going a while without technology. We had a few laughs about our withdrawal symptoms. Then, we came to class and had some discussions that turned into debates. Nothing unusual. Focused free write here, the occasional fight with sleep there.

And then BAM. 1200 words. One million requirements. MLA citation. 10 days. Not to sound cheesy, but it went from 0 to 1200 reallll quick.

Only in theory though, because in reality, it went from 0 to 1200 very, painfully , reallly slow. At one point, my 800 words, after cutting out a lot of sh-unacceptable content, was down to 300. That was one of the few (many) times school work has pushed me close to tears. Some hours of struggles , I submitted a draft, which only kind of , sort of, completely destroyed my essay and put me back at square one. That was great.

I could go on describing the trials and tribulations of writing this essay, but it would take too long. So, I’ll just repeat the most important point: It is done. I’m done with it. I can log onto canvas, upload and submit, and download an episode of dance moms, and move on with life.

Thank GOD.

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