$2 Million From A Fortune Cookie

Disclaimer: You should never believe what fortune cookies tell you because they are a bunch of nonsense but this latest story might prove you wrong.


In New York City Emma Duvoll, a 75-yearold woman found her fortune in a cookie. On the 1st of February, she visited a restaurant in Greenwich Village called ‘Sammy’s Noodle Shop & Grill.’ She ordered Chicken stir-fry noodles and it came with a complimentary fortune cookie. The cookie gave her ‘lucky numbers’ which she decided to play for the lottery. This past Thursday 6th of March, Emma Duvoll collected her prize of $2 million dollars from the Powerball lottery. Duvoll plans to invest her winnings and splurge on a trip to Switzerland to see her relatives.


So maybe we should pay a little attention to fortune cookies. We never know what can happen.

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