Teenage Relationships

So far we have all been lectured by our parents about the boys that are going to ruin our future or the girls that are going to attempt to trap us- we’ve heard it but we choose to ignore it. We want to experience and we want to live it. We want to rebel because we feel like we’re being held back and really in these teenage years it is hard to control our emotions, and so we don’t listen to our parents.

Yes it is true, over these teenage years you are going to develop a crush and you might think you are in love and that’s ok. However what this generation needs to realise is that life is not a movie. Most of us hope that we will end up marrying our school sweethearts, truth is that probably won’t happen. So let us stop trying to live in a fairy tale, or in a world where we think we can be the Edward and Bella or Troy and Gabriella of the real world.

Don’t get me wrong, relationships are amazing, stressful, frustrating, time consuming and sometimes annoying, but they are still amazing. Having someone to connect to, to share jokes with, to hug and to hold, to talk to and to not talk to, its beautiful… but it does not mean that we need to put our entire lives, hopes and dreams into these relationships. Truth is, friendships are more likely to last longer and they are more likely to be stronger, so do not forget those few friends you made all because of one person.

Here’s the deal:

  1.        Do not let him or her be the end all and be all of your life! You have got your whole life ahead of you.
  2.        Be friends first before you be anything more, it is much simpler that way.
  3.        Be yourself.
  4.        If you are not happy, it is not worth it, like I said: You have got your whole life ahead of you.
  5.        Have fun, not everything has to be Twilight or Vampire Diaries.

If you think your partner is the one, great! Just don’t tie yourself down so soon. If it is meant to be it will be. (I hope this gets all you couples ready for the 20th of June)

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