Men’s Style Trends at ALA

ALA like any other is a place filled with trends. We examine the top men’s fashion trends we see at ALA nowadays.

Leather detailed Shirts


Leather detailed shirts have become a trend at ALA. This probably started from artist such as Future, Kanye West, and Justin Beiber. These are definitely becoming an Item to have for the stylish ALA man.




These are comfortable, stylish and easy to put on. Almost every man at ALA has a pair of these joggers. The beauty of these is you can get them in various colors and styles.


Printed Tank tops


It seems to always be summertime at ALA because the boys are always wearing tank tops, printed tank tops in particular. These are a good item to just throw on over a pair of shorts or even your joggers. They are definitely comfortable.




Accessories are becoming big and one of the most coveted accessory items for men are rings. These are an awesome addition to any outfit. It could be bold or it could be subtle and you can get them in your own exact style.




This is a trend everywhere but we should still mention this. All types of jeans are prominent at ALA. Skinny, slim, baggy, etc. This is a necessary item to have everywhere.


Predicted Trend





Yes I said it. Meggings. These are basically leggings for men. The idea is that you wear them underneath your shorts or you wear them with a large t-shirt. ASAP Rocky can be seen wearing them in the ‘Wild For the Night’ video. These are very debatable but soon they are going to be on the rise. So get used to it and get a pair.





What more can I say? They are comfortable and cool. Onesies have been on the rise ever since Topman began mass-producing them. Now you can get them in any way. There are tiger onesies, monkeys, and printed ones.

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