Uh oh! This will be hard for the South Africans in our community but the Independent Electoral commission has said that selfies are completely forbidden in the ballot box during tomorrow’s elections! Their words were:

“It is an offence to take and/or publish photographs which reveal a person’s vote on a ballot paper. Upon conviction offenders will be liable to a fine or a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year,”

Yes, anyone who takes a selfie while voting, or tries to Instagram their
ballot paper has to go to jail, and paying 50 monopoly dollars won’t get them out! Taking Selfies has almost become an official part of culture for ALA students. Students have mastered all the tricks to taking a “perfect selfie” and they go to all sorts of extents to get that new profile picture. It isn’t rare to see people practically travel to new locations just because “oh my gosh the sun is shining better there!” This law may disappoint a lot of people not just in ALA, who wanted to get their selfie game on in that booth, but it’s not too bad. Even though people can’t take pictures while voting, they can afterwards. So if you’re voting in this election and thinking we should first let you take a selfie, resist! .but-first-let-me-take-a-selfie-o

2 thoughts on “#NOSELFIE

  1. LOL at “paying 50 monopoly dollars won’t get them out”
    I really like your blog’s name, and your accounts of what goes on at ALA almost always cracks me up. Well done, keep writing!


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