That Small Change You Noticed

Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend/girlfriend notices the small changes which you go through while you are in the relationship? It could just be a difference in character or a different nail polish colour. But honestly is it a must for someone to notice such things, and if they do, should they comment or compliment? Well, it is very crucial that one finds a way to approach the situation based on the kind of relationship they have established. Sometimes it is worth a compliment; for example if your boyfriend changes the cologne they use, or your girlfriend is all dressed up. But question is, what if you have to comment about their sense of fashion? Even worse, their weight gain or loss? Is there a right manner to actually pull off such comments? You can always argue that it depends on how well you have established the relationship.

It is interesting how one would make an effort to change their look or behaviour while in a relationship, but the partner does not notice. It’s not that it hurts, but you kind of expect some sort of praise or recognition. It is even worse if the change was made to satisfy the counterpart.  It is not every day when one gets a compliment from people, but at least someone you have a mutual relationship with should acknowledge that sense of alteration in you. You don’t really have to always say something appealing to the ears, but at least one nice compliment would do.

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