Flashback: Valentines Ball

Tamasha Entertainment always makes it a point that ALA students are entertained. I didn’t know the amount of effort they put in until the Halloween Party which they did tremendously well, the turn up was fantastic. However, Babatope should be acknowledged for the effort he puts into taking ALA entertainment to another level. The carols night which was his first gig was eccentric, thel Christmas carols turned into a serious turn up with lovely Christmas carols performances and the beautiful décor around the quad. Moreover, his latest gig proved that he still has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment at ALA because the Valentine Ball was AWESOME!

This years’ theme was Classic Formal Vintage. ALA students take the trophy home when it comes to themed parties, the All Black party set the standard very high. The outfits varied from typical Valentines Red & white to Victorian age swag and class. The guys in suits and ties. Ladies in their heels-it was just beautiful and beautiful people. ALA uniform limits students from expressing their fashion sense, because from what I saw- it felt like a prestigious gala event with fashionably acquainted students.

The setting of the dining hall was out of this world. The dining hall was arranged in a marvellous way to create a buoyant atmosphere. The centre table was ideally for couples and it fulfilled its course. The attendants dressed in black and white gave you the sense of royalty, they looked stunning. The ‘bouncers’ did a fantastic job by stopping the ‘gate crashers’ who were not up for the occasion.

Even though the Ball started over an hour (or two) late than scheduled ALA students TURNED UP. Vogue did commendable performance. Basically the performance was about unrequited love and girls trying to make an effort for their relations to work but the guy just ignoring them, more of ‘Think Like A Man, Act Like A Woman’ scenario. This challenged the usual Valentine’s Day ideology. Fecc on the other hand rectified that, they did a dance piece which enhanced a romantic atmosphere which steered the next festivities which was ‘Who Knows Their Date’ quiz. It revealed some interesting things about the dates and the winners of the quiz dedicating songs to each other and doing a special dance together. All Of Me by John Legend was the song of the night.

As the festivities of the night went on and the dance floor was opened, most of the couples vanished one by one. The dance floor went on fire. Heels were taken off, make ups became melt downs, guys lost their ties, blazers were taken off champagne bottles were popping and it went down. It was a celebratory event for the second years after the Refugee Camp experiential.

By Kabelo Motsoeneng

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