International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO)

May 17th every year marks a very important day- International Day Against Homophobia. This day is quite significant this year to the international community given the passed legislatures in Uganda and Nigeria. It is an important day to reflect about the injustices done to the minority i.e. LGBTI community.

ALA has started early on the mission of curbing homophobia and the Sexuality Discussion Group (SDG) started a campaign called LoveIsLove campaign, where people share how they overcame homophobia.

Some of the stories that have been shared are:

“I always found it easy to be in a social space and come with my significant counterpart and be boldly introduce them as my girlfriends/boyfriend and not be afraid to face any judgement or hatred, but the day a close friend of mine told me that they were gay I realised that I was fortunate because they would have to think twice before introducing the partner. That’s how I overcame homophobia”

“I overcame homophobia when someone really close to me came out and told me they were gay. The fear and prejudice I had towards LGBTI people was something I wouldn’t be able to inflict on this person”

An event should not always have to occur for one to overcome homophobia. It starts with simple things. Avoiding comments like “#ThatsSoGay” could help you to overcome homophobia, giving gay people the respect they deserve as human beings is a good start.

Homosexuality is not a condition, it’s an identity-just like being Black, Arabic, Asian, American, Hausa, Yoruba, Berber, Zulu, Male and Female.

Celebrate IDAHO daily through small acts of kindness.

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